Monday, March 24

Gender Reveal

Last Friday Tyson and I went for our gender reveal ultrasound, only we didn't find out what we were having.  We had the tech turn the screen and put the gender in an envelope, to later give to Cara, Tyson's sister.  The suspense about did Tyson in.  Watching his face as he sat on the couch awaiting any chance for the ultrasound tech to slip up, was priceless.  He wanted to know the sex so badly.  For some reason I was not anxious, which is so unlike me.  We were able to catch a glimpse of our sweet baby.  The profile resembled Penelope to a T.  I was 100% convinced I was having a boy and couldn't wait for the final confirmation. 

The week we were to find out what we were having Cara offered to throw us a Gender Reveal Party.  I was all for it, especially because I didn't have to do any of the planning.  I am still burnt our from Penelope's first birthday party.  

The party was at my in-laws house, where we all gathered together for a delicious dinner.  My mother-in-laws cooking is fantastic.  After we ate, we all headed over to the chalkboard to cast our votes.  My side of the family was sure it was a girl.  We were able to FaceTime my mom, sister and sister-in-law for the reveal, which made it all the more fun.

We headed out to the backyard to shoot our confetti pops.  It was so neat to have all of our family and friends surrounding us and enjoying the moment with us.  We counted to three and out came PINK confetti.  Tyson and I were in disbelief.  I seriously thought I was being Punked.  It took a minute to settle in and then we were over the moon excited for another girl, most of all for Penelope to have a sister.  

We headed back in and sliced into the cutest cake ever, stuffed ourselves with cupcakes and cookies made by my mother-in-law and toasted to some sparkling cider.  It was such a fun night, topped off with some new outfits for the little one.

I can't say enough kind things about Cara.  She seriously went above and beyond, telling me she wasn't going to do anything crazy.  Everything was so thoughtful and far exceeded anything I could have done.  We are thrilled to be having another girl, so bring on the PINK!
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  1. Yay another princess. You can have a tea party now with your girls. I'm hoping my next one is a girl my daughter needs a sister I have three brothers and wished for a sister so bad all my life. Luckily, my best friend in the world had 6 sisters and lived two houses down from me I felt like they were all my sisters. :) congrats again.

  2. CONGRATS! I just had to tell you that I LOVE having two of the same gender. It is SO MUCH FUN to watch the younger one idolize the older one and is also a plus that you already have the clothes and all of the girly stuff! I loved having a sister close in age. YAY!

  3. Cara did such a great job. Loved the party. And I'm so excited for the next little Janessa. :)

  4. PINK PINK PINK, I love it!!!!! Soooo happy for you guys!