Saturday, July 16

Puppy Love

My friend Jason and his mom own a kennel at their home, in Heber.  I wanted to take Tyson to meet them and introduce them to Gi Gi.  We spent all morning there.  Gi Gi thoroughly enjoyed herself.  She was in dog heaven.  

She went on a ride with Jason.  She loved him so much.  

We hung out with the horses until my allergies got the best of me.   I rambled on and on to Tyson of my dreams to live on a ranch one day, with tons of animals.  I am a country girl, what can I say!

This cat cracked me up.  I couldn't believe where it was sleeping.  It was so great catching up with them.  If you ever need a place to board your dog, look no further than Coombs Kennels.

While we attended Kiersten's wedding, my friend Jessie watched Gi Gi.  They had a blast playing.  Jessie took these awesome pictures of the baby.  I love this puppy!

Kiersten & Jordan Together Forever!

Tyson and I left Thursday evening to make our way to Utah, for Kiersten and Jordan's wedding.  I was so grateful I was able to make it for most of the festivities.  Friday night was Kiersten's Bachelorette party.  All I can say is I couldn't stop laughing the entire night.  Her friends put on an outstanding party.  We rode around in this fine motor home all night.  We danced the night away, ate at Cafe Trio, and stayed at a condo in Park City.  Kiersten has some amazing friends.  They spoiled her like crazy.  I was so happy I got to be a part of the fun.

Saturday morning was her bridal shower.  The weather was wonderful.

Monday was her bridals.  She looked gorgeous!!!!  I was and still am obsessed with her dress.  

Thursday was the BIG day!  They were sealed in the Draper Temple.  It was very neat to be in the sealing room with them.  The spirit was so strong.  I loved watching the way they kept looking at each other all day long.  I know they adore one another 100%.

How handsome is Jordan's uniform?

They both looked stunning!

Side note:  This is my DREAM HOME!  It is located right in front of the Draper Temple.

After the ceremony they had a luncheon in Lindon.  Cafe Rio was served and boy was it was delicious. 

Their reception was located at Doc of the Bay.  It was beautiful as well!

I loved the bridesmaid dresses that Kiersten picked out.

Our Grandma Brown and uncles came to the wedding.  It was a complete surprise.  It brought tears to all of our eyes.

Kiersten did all of the planning on her own and paid for her entire wedding.  I was so proud of her.

The happy couple's first dance.

 Me and Grandma Shirley.  This woman is incredible.

I don't have pictures, but Kiersten's friend surprised them with a send off on her boat.  We lined the doc with sparklers and had them ride off into the sunset on a boat that said Just Married.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

We are so happy for you Kiersten and Jordan!

Sunday, July 3


If you are friends with me you will hear me talk about two things, my dog and ZUMBA.  While I was in Utah a few weeks back, my friend Tasia and I attended a Zumbathon.  We raised money for the fight against cancer.  We danced in the Fashion Place Mall parking lot.  It was hilarious to see the faces on people as they drove by.  The routine and energy were fantastic.  I got spoiled taking from Lindsey Taylor and Camilo.  I am working on bringing the energy back to Fresno.  ZUMBA is growing bigger and bigger every week.

Don't judge my sweaty self!

This guy had moves I have never seen before.  Go take from him if you live in Utah.

Lindsey certified me when I lived in Utah. 

I am currently teaching two different classes, one at Harlan Ranch and one at GB3.  I love my regulars.  They make me feel so good and leave me with a smile every time.  If you live in the area or have a chance, come take from me.  You might even get lucky enough to watch Tyson and his dad shake their booties.  

Baby Girl

We are in love/obsessed with our little Goldendoodle.  My family teases me constantly about her.  She is getting so BIG!  It is crazy how fast they grow.  Most people classify us as those crazy dog lovers.  Who would have thought?  I can't help spoiling this little girl.  

She wasn't sure if she liked the bath or not.

But she loved being fluffy and clean.

We take her wherever we can.  We went to the Farmer's Market the other weekend and enjoyed homemade ice cream, corn on the cob, oven baked pizza, and tri-tip sandwiches.  

She gets excited every time she gets to go for a ride in the car.

Gi Gi has the most incredible vet, Dr. Scheidt.  She is bias when it comes to Gi Gi, seeing as she has her own Goldendoodle, Motor.  He is huge and we love seeing him every time we go. 

The other day I was in REI and came across a Chaco leash and collar.  I couldn't help but want to get it for Gi Gi.  

We love our new addition and enjoy watching her grow.

The Great Out Doors

Tyson and I made our first official camping trip of the season.  We went with a group of friends and family to Camp Edison at Shaver Lake.  I absolutely love this camp site.  The bathrooms are spotless, you can have dogs, and the smell takes me back to Utah. 

There is nothing quite like taking off into the mountains and leaving all your worries behind.  

As usual, we forgot the tongs to turn the foil dinners.  Scott the outdoorsmen, had the brilliant idea of making his very own.  They worked out magnificently.  With sixteen people you can imagine how many tin foil dinners we had going.  I think it was a record for us.  

We were happy to get our men out into the dirt.  It was a struggle for some, but once they were up there, they were sold on the camping idea.

The memories of a being a child and rolling in the dirt came back.  I can't wait to have a little one of our own and get them enjoying the outdoors.  For now we cannot wait to take Gi Gi up into the mountains.  We had to leave her at home this time because all of her shots have not been given.  

I love having my very own Bear Grylls.  

The food while camping just tastes so much better.  For dinner we had nothing other than tin foil dinners and hot dogs.  Dessert we had smores (try eating it with a Reese's in the middle), we also had roasted Starburst.  We had the breakfast of champions while camping: eggs, sausage, hash browns, bagels, and hot chocolate.  New this year we had oranges sliced down the middle with the center taken out.  You then stuff it with muffin mix, wrap it in tin foil, and you have your own muffin.  

Yummy muffin with natural orange test.  

I am so grateful for the friends we have.  Camping is always my favorite thing to do as a family.  I am already looking forward to next time.