Sunday, July 3


If you are friends with me you will hear me talk about two things, my dog and ZUMBA.  While I was in Utah a few weeks back, my friend Tasia and I attended a Zumbathon.  We raised money for the fight against cancer.  We danced in the Fashion Place Mall parking lot.  It was hilarious to see the faces on people as they drove by.  The routine and energy were fantastic.  I got spoiled taking from Lindsey Taylor and Camilo.  I am working on bringing the energy back to Fresno.  ZUMBA is growing bigger and bigger every week.

Don't judge my sweaty self!

This guy had moves I have never seen before.  Go take from him if you live in Utah.

Lindsey certified me when I lived in Utah. 

I am currently teaching two different classes, one at Harlan Ranch and one at GB3.  I love my regulars.  They make me feel so good and leave me with a smile every time.  If you live in the area or have a chance, come take from me.  You might even get lucky enough to watch Tyson and his dad shake their booties.  

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  1. So much to catch up on!!!! I need to be better at checking blogs:) I wish I lived closer I would LOVE to come take Zumba from you!!! I'm sure you are amazing! I went to high school with Lindsey, I love her, It's a small world!