Sunday, July 3

The Great Out Doors

Tyson and I made our first official camping trip of the season.  We went with a group of friends and family to Camp Edison at Shaver Lake.  I absolutely love this camp site.  The bathrooms are spotless, you can have dogs, and the smell takes me back to Utah. 

There is nothing quite like taking off into the mountains and leaving all your worries behind.  

As usual, we forgot the tongs to turn the foil dinners.  Scott the outdoorsmen, had the brilliant idea of making his very own.  They worked out magnificently.  With sixteen people you can imagine how many tin foil dinners we had going.  I think it was a record for us.  

We were happy to get our men out into the dirt.  It was a struggle for some, but once they were up there, they were sold on the camping idea.

The memories of a being a child and rolling in the dirt came back.  I can't wait to have a little one of our own and get them enjoying the outdoors.  For now we cannot wait to take Gi Gi up into the mountains.  We had to leave her at home this time because all of her shots have not been given.  

I love having my very own Bear Grylls.  

The food while camping just tastes so much better.  For dinner we had nothing other than tin foil dinners and hot dogs.  Dessert we had smores (try eating it with a Reese's in the middle), we also had roasted Starburst.  We had the breakfast of champions while camping: eggs, sausage, hash browns, bagels, and hot chocolate.  New this year we had oranges sliced down the middle with the center taken out.  You then stuff it with muffin mix, wrap it in tin foil, and you have your own muffin.  

Yummy muffin with natural orange test.  

I am so grateful for the friends we have.  Camping is always my favorite thing to do as a family.  I am already looking forward to next time.

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