Saturday, July 16

Puppy Love

My friend Jason and his mom own a kennel at their home, in Heber.  I wanted to take Tyson to meet them and introduce them to Gi Gi.  We spent all morning there.  Gi Gi thoroughly enjoyed herself.  She was in dog heaven.  

She went on a ride with Jason.  She loved him so much.  

We hung out with the horses until my allergies got the best of me.   I rambled on and on to Tyson of my dreams to live on a ranch one day, with tons of animals.  I am a country girl, what can I say!

This cat cracked me up.  I couldn't believe where it was sleeping.  It was so great catching up with them.  If you ever need a place to board your dog, look no further than Coombs Kennels.

While we attended Kiersten's wedding, my friend Jessie watched Gi Gi.  They had a blast playing.  Jessie took these awesome pictures of the baby.  I love this puppy!


  1. Aw I love Gi Gi! What cute pictures. Wish I were in Utah to see you!