Tuesday, May 21

RandomNESS Through Instagram Take #5

My child is chunky monkey!  

Nellie's six months stats....

Weight: 17 lbs. 5 oz, 75% 
Height: 26 inches, 55%
Head: 17 inches, 74%

Laying by the pool is good for the soul.  Pringles, Sour Patch Kids, and a good magazine are a must!

P is an angel baby.  All of the ladies love her at the gym.

Speaking of the gym, I have been working out almost every day.  I have yet to drop one pound since CHRISTMAS!!!!  This baby weight thing is not for the birds.

Costco makes for a great family night.  Yes I have a thousand cases of water in the cart.  I have this weird fetish, where I won't drink water unless it comes from a bottle.  Don't worry though, I recycle.  Nellie and I have made friends at the recycling center of Clovis.

I FINALLY used my Croc Pot.  Everyone always raves over their Croc Pot and I thought it was time for me to give mine a try.  My pulled pork sandwiches did not disappoint.  I have never seen Tyson more proud, seriously!  I touched raw meat and cooked, all in the same day.

Nellie loves her toes.  My favorite thing lately is when she nurses.  She will have one hand on her foot and the other holding onto my necklace.

Big girl got a high chair.  She loves eating in her throne.  I tried giving her peas yesterday...... it was a no go.  She threw up everything.  I felt so bad.  She kept gagging and her eyes started watering.  I knew it was only a matter of time.  I guess we will try again tomorrow.

Margarita Pizza is my favorite!  Fresh basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes, YUM!!!!

I have committed to participate in a 5K Memorial Day run, while I am in Utah.  I have been running ever since.  I didn't want to kill over before crossing that finish line.  I have even convinced my mom to run it with me.

Call me crazy but I really enjoy painting.  I went over the other day to help my sister-in-law Cara paint her new house.  Penelope was a gem.  She sang to us while we painted.

BBQ season is now in full swing at our house.  I love my lean mean grillin machine!

Penelope loves this strange bink.  Funny story how we ended up with it.  I was at Target and was standing in the check out line, when I noticed the lady in front of me was purchasing this bink.  I thought it looked strange but that was the end of that.  I got home and noticed it was in my bag.  Whoops.  I am not really sure how it got there.  Long story short, I decided to let P give it a try and we haven't looked back since.  She is obsessed!

I was dreading P's six month appointment.  I hate watching her get her shots.  She totally surprised me and didn't make a peep.  I was so proud of her!

I decided to try a copy cat recipe of Swig cookies.  They were delicious.  I think I ate over a dozen of them.  I ended up throwing them out because I couldn't stop eating them.  I can't wait to try the real deal this weekend on our way through St. George.

Nellie has discovered my phone.  She wants it at all times.  One day I showed her my Vine app and she was in love.  She loves watching and hearing herself.  I decided to turn it off after I had had enough of the looping.  She started to bawl.  It was so sad and funny at the same time.  I turned it back on and she was happy as a clam.

Last weekend we headed out to the first Farmer's Market of the season.  I couldn't contain my excitement.  I had waited a long time to get my hands on the fresh corn and lemonade.  We stocked up on peaches, cherries, zucchini, squash, and tomatoes.  I can't wait till next time.

I am so in love with this water color portrait of my family.  I was originally going to give it to Tyson for Father's Day but couldn't wait.  

GiGi has now officially been with our family for two years.  I had to put a bow on her head to document.

Cara put extensions in my hair just for fun the other day.  Of course, they would look better if she hadn't just bobby pinned them to my head and we ordered more hair.  I can't decide if I should cut my hair or continue to grow it out.  I know I look better with short hair, but long hair is so pretty.

This picture speaks for itself.

Tyson and I took a little trip to the Wendy's drive through last night.  I was dying to try the new Frosty Waffle Cone.  We had to get a side of fries as well.  The combo of salty and sweet was very satisfying.

And last but not least the winner of the Sprinkling Necklace GIVEAWAY is......

Kerri Anderson


please email your address

Now back to laundry and cleaning my house before we are off to Utah for my little brother's graduation.  I can't wait to get my hands on some Dairy Keen and Cafe Rio.

I will also be taking some of my bows and headbands with me.  If you want, email or call me to come check them out.
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Sunday, May 19

3 Years

I can't believe Ty and I have been married for 3 years.  Time flies when you are having fun!  I still remember that day like it was yesterday.  Each year has gotten better and better.  I never thought it was possible to love him more, than I did that day.  But three years later, I can say I love him that much more.  He is not only the man of my dreams, but my best friend.  He treats me like a queen and supports me in all that I do.  I couldn't ask for someone better to spend my life with.

3 Years from Janessa Parker on Vimeo.
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Friday, May 17

Day 17: Favorite Photo

Day 17: A favorite photo of yourself and why....

For some this may have been easy, but for me I had a hard time.  I really don't like pictures of myself.  So I decided to pick one where I was wearing my wedding dress.  I LOVED my dress!  It fit like a glove and made me feel like a princess.  This picture was actually from my bridal shoot.  It was the first time Tyson saw me in my dress.  We had so much fun that day.  I was so happy and in so much anticipation for our wedding day.  I'm pretty sure my jaw was sore for days because of how 
much I smiled that day.

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Thursday, May 16

Day 16: Lot In Life

Day 16, Thursday: Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it

Let me preface by saying I feel truly blessed for each "lot" I have been handed in life.  At the time they have seemed lofty and sometimes insurmountable, but as I look back over time, I can always see there was a reason and or lesson to be learned.

I grew up with a father who struggled with alcoholism on and off for as long as I can remember.  There were many times he wouldn't come home, sometimes days at a time.  I always wondered when I would see him next.  At the time I couldn't understand why he wouldn't come home.  It hurt every time he missed a dance recital or piano performance.  I hated seeing the disappointment in my siblings eyes when he would miss their big days.  I wanted so badly for him to be there for us.  Looking back, he did it to protect us.  I can honestly say I never had to see my father drunk.  There was never alcohol in our fridge and for that I am grateful.  While I can remember crying countless nights in my room for my dad to come home, it was probably for the best that he didn't.

I watched my dad struggle for so many years.  I know he wanted to be clean.  He attended rehab more than once in hopes to change.  I can't even image the addiction and struggles he had to go through.  I know without a shadow of a doubt, that my dad loved me.  I know he loved his kids and my mom with every fiber of his being.  He always described his addiction as an itch, that no matter what he did wouldn't go away.  I remember him telling me that in his darkest times he would think of me.  He called me his shinning star.  I still have the anklet he bought for me one Christmas.  It was silver with little diamonds all in the shape of star.  I cherish that. 

Although my childhood was difficult at times, there were many other aspect that were so wonderful. My dad was a kid at heart.  He was always bringing home some kind of toy.  I grew up snowmobiling, on the lake, skiing, fishing, camping, and my dads favorite shopping.  My dad had no fear.  I really don't think there was anything he was afraid of.  He had a love for motorcycles and custom built some of the most beautiful bikes.  If I ever have money one day, I will track them down and re buy them.  My dad taught me to not be afraid to get dirty.  I loved to play in the dirt, but when it was time I knew how to clean up.

My favorite memories with my dad are when we would dance together.  Every wedding we would attend he would take me out on the dance floor.  We would always talk about the dance that would take place together on my wedding day.  He cried the first time he sent me on my way to prom in High School.  I was his little girl and he loved me fiercely.  I loved running up to his bedroom after I had just been back to school shopping.  I would put on a fashion show and show him every outfit.  He would eww and ahhh.

My dad had a twinkle in his eye and every time he would smile or laugh it would sparkle.  He would dance in the kitchen and shuffle his feet.  He blasted the Eagles and the Forrest Gump Soundtrack from his red Ford pickup.  He could tame any horse and had a special way with animals.  He had a passion for hunting and being out in the wild.

In the end his addiction ended up taking ahold of him.  He passed away in a car accident, while driving under the influence.  As much as it tore my heart apart losing my dad, I know that it was better for him. I don't have to worry about him anymore or worry if he is going to show up at some special occasion.  I feel him every day and know he is watching over me.  I can still feel his warmth on those hard days and feel of his love on those big days in my life.  My dad had some great friends who stepped perfectly into his shoes.  They watched me be sealed in the Temple to Tyson and danced with me on my wedding day.  I know that meant the world to my dad.  It did to me!

I miss my dad every day.  What I would give to see him with Penelope.  I take comfort in knowing that he is watching over me.  I have a testimony of God's plan and know that all things are going to be made right.  I look forward to the day when I will see him again.  I can't wait to feel his arms around me.  He gave the best hugs.

The Gospel is what has gotten me through the hard times.  I use what I have learned from my childhood and try to implement it into my daily life.  With Penelope's up and coming surgery there are many days I find myself struggling to find strength.  I have to remind myself that "I can do hard things."  I can rely on the Lord to carry me through.  I have my dad and Savior by my side.  

I can always turn to the scriptures to give me strength.  One of my favorite scriptures is 

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Things have been tough at times, but there has always been joy along the way and many lessons learned.

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Wednesday, May 15

Sprinklings Beaded Necklaces GIVEAWAY

I am so excited to team up with my friend Jill on this Sprinklings Beaded Necklaces GIVEAWAY!

These necklaces are every little girls dream.  They add the finishing touch to any outfit and are especially perfect for special occasions!

You won't want to miss a chance to win this "Lil' Miss America" necklace!

It will adorn any little girls 4th of July outfit beautifully.

I cannot wait to see this necklace on little Penelope. 

To enter:

Follow my blog and leave a comment letting me know you did so.

For an extra entry follow me via Instagram and repost this picture with the hash tag #sprinklingslilmiss and tag me in the post.

Don't forget to check out Sprinklings website!

Good Luck!
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Big Girl

I can't believe this little nugget of mine can sit up, all by herself.

She sits like a baby gorilla and it kills me every time.

Her favorite part is purposely throwing her head back, so that she will fall over.  She knows how to crack me up.

This little doll of mine makes everyday worth living to the fullest.

The sweet and wonderful people over at North American Bear Co. sent Penelope a package of toys today.  This darling wrist rattle is going to be featured in their fall catalog.  I was asked to snap some photos of Nellie with her new bling.  Hopefully one of them will end up in the catalog.  Penelope was completely enthralled with it all day long.

I have a fun GIVEAWAY with them coming up, so stayed tuned!
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Tuesday, May 14

Day 14: 10 Things That Make Me Happy

Day 14 of blog every day in May challenge is to write about 10 things that make me really happy!

1. Nothing makes me happier than being with my husband.  My favorite is Friday nights when we get home from dinner early, snuggle on the couch and eat ice cream, all while watching our shows.

2. Blasting music while I am driving in the car, cleaning, or cooking.  It makes me especially happy when I discover a new song.

3. Being on the lake.  I love the last hour right before the sun starts to go down.  

4. Going out to eat.  Food is truly the way to my heart.  Food just makes me happy!

5. Camping!  I love the smell of the campfire, smore's, tin foil dinners and the deep conversations that take place.

6. Reading a good book, especially while I am laying out on the beach.

7.  When my dog GiGi greets me at the door.  She makes you feel like I am the most important person in the world.

8. My knowledge of the Plan of Salvation.  It brings me so much hope and makes the hard times easier.

9. My daughter!  She brings me so much happiness.  I can't even describe the joy and purpose she has brought into my life.  I especially love watching Tyson and her together and their special bond.

10. Going out to breakfast on Saturday mornings!

What makes you happy?

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