Saturday, May 4

Happy Birthday MaMa

Dear Mom,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most incredible woman I know!  I hope you feel how special you are today.  My love for you has grown even deeper.  Being a mom has really helped me come to appreciate and realize all that you have done for me over the years.  You have worked so hard for our family day in and day out.  You have raised five crazy indians and I think we have all turned out pretty good.  Even when we didn't have much, you always made sure we didn't go without.  For all I knew, we were well off.  You have taught me so many things, that I didn't even realize you were teaching me at the time.  I clean just like you, cook your recipes for my family, forget things often, have an obsession with clean ears and nose on my baby, I have to write reminders down, craft to ease my mind, read to escape, worry too much, and trust in the Lord.  You are always there for me to talk to.  I love how you answer your phone no matter what time of day it is.  You always let me ramble on about all my worries and excitements.  I love how you laugh when I laugh and cry when I cry.  You call to tell me you pinned something on Pinterest that you think I will like.  Your emails make me laugh and lift my spirits on bad days.  I love how you love my baby.  She is so lucky to have you as her grandma.  It means so much to me that you saved your blessing dress for me and my daughter to wear.  I love that you are sentimental.  I always look forward to your hand written Valentine's cards and St. Patrick's Day package in the mail.  Every craft you have made with love and I cherish those things more than any other gift.  I love how you call for my opinion on what to buy for clothes.  You have been through so much in your life and have stood strong without waver in the Gospel.  I look up to you so much!  Thank you for putting up with me through my bratty pre-teen years, for braiding my hair and making sure I had a bow in my hair at all times, putting me in dance class, taking me to New York, Vegas, and Portland for dance competitions, spending hours driving me to and from dance classes, pushing me to get my degree, watching me skydive, supporting me in Lotoja, taking care of me when I had Penelope, sewing me all of those Christmas PJ's and dresses, doing thousands of loads of laundry, making my bed everyday, cooking me countless meals, rubbing my feet, heating up the lamb for my growing pains, scrap booking every highlight of my life, taking me to the Clinique counter to pick out my first makeup set, paying for almost two weddings.... sorry about that one, you are pretty much perfect!  You are the prettiest lady I know and age better then anyone I know.  I love you mom and am so lucky to have you as my LADY!!!!!!  Thank you for helping all of my dreams come true, now it's your turn!  I hope that wish on your birthday cake this year comes true. 

XOXO Janessa
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