Monday, May 13

Little Fish

Ty and I decided it was time to take Penelope to the pool again.  The weather has been warm around here and we figured the pool had a chance to heat up.  Penelope got right in this time.  She had so much fun!  She loved her sunglasses and realized they help block the sun.  The water was her favorite part.  She splashed and splashed to her hearts content.  She would have stayed in there all day if we had let her.

Her swimsuit kills me.  Chubby babies in swim suits are my favorite!  She is already wearing 12 month clothes.  I can't believe it!

She is our little fish!  

Beware, if you come to the pool with us, you will get wet!

IMG 5935 from Janessa Parker on Vimeo.

Pool Time from Janessa Parker on Vimeo.

We were all a little tuckered out from the sun, especially this guy.

I look forward to trying out the big pool next time.
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