Friday, May 3

Day Three: Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

Here goes day three of blog every day in May.

Things that make me uncomfortable....

1. Compliments - I have never been known to accept a compliment well.  I always turn it around into something negative.  I really just need to learn how to say thank you.

2. Being Cold - Pretty much any house I go into other than mine I find myself uncomfortably cold.  I take a blanket with me to the movies and a jacket into every restaurant, even in the dead of summer.  When I am riding in someone else's car, it takes everything in side of me not to reach over and blast the heat.

3. Being Hot - There really must be something wrong with my circulatory system.  I have been know to get heat stroke quickly, when being in the heat too long.  Last summer I almost died being pregnant.  All I wanted to do was walk around in my sweet nothings.  I'm sure my neighbors had to hide their children from looking out their windows.

4. Silent Pauses - Even when these happen in a movie or a show I instantly feel awkward.

5. Foul Language - There is nothing like walking to the movies with my husband and hearing a twelve year old drop the f bomb.  I feel especially uncomfortable when I am watching a movie with my mom or my in-laws and one of those f bombs is dropped.  Keep it classy people.

6. Food In Teeth - I know the right thing to do would be to tell the person you are talking with, that they have food in their teeth, but for some reason it is hard for me to do so.  Now if it is my husband, a sibling, or my friend Megan, I have no problem.

7. Leaving A Voicemail - Hearing myself talk or the sound of my voice, could make me cringe.  The worst is when the voicemail gets deleted and you have to start all over again.

8. Opening Gifts In Front of People - I get all clammy and nervous when I have to open shower gifts in front of people.  I feel like everyone is starring at me.  

9. Driving On The Freeway - You know when the car next to you drives the exact same speed as you? I always wonder do I drive faster or do I drive slower.

10. Smells - I have the most sensitive nose around, it is equal to that of a K9.  I cannot do smells.  I have been known to throw up upon the smell of something foul.  

11. Jeans - If I could live in sweats all day I would, oh wait I do.  The second I walk into my house, off goes the pants.

12. Blemishes and Hair - If you haven't already noticed I am OCD.... When I am talking to someone and I see a white head or a black head it takes all my strength not to reach out and pop their zit.  Disgusting I know!  Hair on peoples backs or faces is almost even more uncomfortable for me.  You know the stray black hair?!?!


13. Kisses - People/Strangers kissing my babies face or hands.  Enough said!


What makes you uncomfortable?


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  1. OH my goodness!!! I had so much trouble thining of things that made me uncomfortable, but you hit almost all of mine (that I ended up not listing)!! Food in teeth, being cold, pimples, foul language?! Girrrl, we could sit around complaining and laughing for a while I think.