Sunday, May 5

Day Five: My Friend

Day five of blog every day in May challenge is to write about a blogger friend, family friend, or friend. What makes them great? What do you love about them?

I decided to write about my Maggie!

What makes Maggie GREAT


1. She is the prettiest RED head I know.
2. She has the best fashion sense known to man kind.
3. She wears pregnancy like no ones business.
4. She makes the best guacamole.
5. She introduced me Trio, my favorite restaurant.
6. She has perfect teeth.
7. We have had the same love for skiing, biking, cheerleading, Lake Powell, music, purses, lipstick, watches, jewelry, makeup, our dogs, and pretty much everything else.
8. She is determined.
9. She is a hard worker.
10. She laughs harder than anyone else I know, especially when I do my "scary walk."

What I LOVE about Maggie


1. She was there for me during my awkward high school years.
2. She let me live with her two different times during college and we all know I was a little difficult to live with.
3. She was there for me when my dad died.
4. She spent many late nights going on Molcasalasa runs with me.
5. She went through every boyfriend and break up with me.
6. She called me every week during my pregnancy to check on me.
7. She threw me the nicest wedding shower a girl could ask for.
8. She loves me daughter as if she were her own.
9. She was there on my wedding day from sun up to sun down, making sure I had everything.
10. She has stood by my side through the good times and bad. 

I think she may know me better than any other person!

To see just how darling of a prego she is, check out her blog.

I am so grateful for her friendship and all that she has taught me over the years.  I know we will be friends till the end.  

Who knows Mags, maybe we will find ourselves old and grey wearing your grandma's sweatsuits again!

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  1. Pretty sure I read every pet!! Hope to win! These are adorable

  2. This was seriously so sweet of you to post this. I truly value our friendship. Its so funny to look back and think of everything we have been through together....everything from boys, skiing, jump suits, cheer, living together, and now onto having babies. You are such a loyal friend. Love your guts Chun! xoxox Cant wait to see! Ekkkk!

  3. I loved reading about your friend, she sounds like an amazing person! Isn't it wonderful when we find those certain friends that make our lives more fun & are there for us in times of need!? I haven't been doing very good with this challenge, glad to see you are!