Thursday, May 9

6 Months

Dear Penelope,

Today you are six months old.  I can't believe you are half way to being a one year old.  The time has just flown by.  Each and every moment with you has been so special.  You radiate with joy and happiness.  Your eyes have a special sparkle, that I just can't get enough of.  You are the chunkiest, squishiest, yummiest baby I have ever seen.  Your thighs are absolutely delicious.  You have already stolen the hearts of so many, but especially your parents.  We just couldn't even imagine life without you.  This month has been one of my most favorites.  If I had to the power to freeze time, I would.  You let out your first real laugh, this past month.  It was music to our  ears.  You can now roll over from front to back and back to front.  I can no longer leave you on the floor and hope to come back to find you in the same spot.  You do the silliest thing, where you make this dramatic yell and hold your breath.  I think you do it because you like to hear the sound of your voice.  It crack us up.  You have found your toes and can't get enough of them.  You still go to bed perfectly.  You sleep eight hours straight and only wake up once for a feeding.  I really don't mind getting up.  It's our special time.  After nursing you I hold your for awhile while you sleep.  We fed you rice cereal for the first time.  You hate the first couple of bites.  It makes you gag but once you get over that, you enjoy it.  Everyone comments on what a perfect baby you are.  I really don't know how we got so lucky.  You are happy just sitting in your Mamaroo, jumper or laying on your play mat.  You were not a fan of the cold water at the pool.  We are hoping you will like it better this next month.  Going on runs in your stroller is your favorite.  You stare and smile at me.  It gets me motivated and pushes me to go further.  This month has been an emotional one for your parents.  Your open heart surgery got scheduled for next month.  We met with your heart surgeon and discussed your operation.  We know you are going to do amazing and are going to teach us so much from this experience.  I want to cherish every second I have with you.  I thank our Heavenly Father every night that I get to be your mom.  I love you to pieces my special baby.

Love your, 

Mama and Papa
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