Wednesday, March 12

14 1/2 weeks

People aren't lying when they say each pregnancy is different.  This one has been more difficult in some ways, but easier in others.  Instead of working full time, I am home with my all over the place one year old.  The exhaustion my first trimester was enough to knock my flat on my face.  Penelope's nap times where greatly cherished and sacred time of the day for me.  If I didn't get a nap each day, I thought I might die.  

My sense of smell is that of a hound dog.  Even when not pregnant, I can pin point any smell, anywhere.  This pregnancy has my nose on full blown detective duty.  One whiff of my fridge or the sink, sends me running to the toilet.  Poor Tyson has had his share of providing meals for the family.  

The nausea has been rough, but as long as I have a full stomach, I can cope through it.  I get full really quickly, especially at night, which makes eating not as enjoyable.  I crave carbs and starches like no other, baked potatoes in particular.  I could eat them by the dozen.  French fries and bagels are also right up my ally, oh and did I mention mac n' cheese and non other than my childhood favorite, Top Ramen.  Other than the occasional carb, I have been craving all things healthy.  This is so not like me.  I love my sweets, but not when I am pregnant.  I would pick a nice juicy slice of pineapple over a chocolate bar any day.  

With Penelope I was so paranoid of miscarriage that I stopped working out as soon as I found out I was pregnant.  This lead to a lot of back pain and severe swelling. I have decided to take a different approach this pregnancy and see how far it gets me.  I have remained teaching my Zumba classes, three days a week.  I actually look forward to teaching and enjoy the extra boost of energy I feel from teaching.  My students have been wonderful and are patient with me, as I monitor my heart rate and take it a little more easy.  Working out has helped me keep my weight much more under control and I am hoping that this will continue through this pregnancy.  

As much as I dislike being pregnant, I look forward to the end result and all of the fun milestones in between.  Each ultrasound is something I look forward to.  Seeing that baby of mine kick and move its little hands is the most precious thing in the world.  Knowing what to expect has also made things a lot easier on me.  Tyson and I have already been out scoping out the double strollers.  I still can't believe we are going to have two babies!!!!!  

Tyson and I plan on finding out the gender this weekend.  I can't wait!!  I already have my mind stirring with ideas for the nursery.  I will have my hands full, planning a big girl room for Penelope and the nursery for baby #2, in the new house.  There are so many fun things to look forward to!!

Cheers to being in the second trimester!! 
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  1. I'm so happy for you! I have loved watching my two oldest play together and I can't wait till number 3 is old enough to join in on the mischief. Penelope will be such a wonderful big's an eye opener to watch them adjust to being a sibling. You make beautiful children.

  2. I can't believe you are still teaching Zumba.... You are wonder woman!!!! Congrats to being the "BEST" trimester now!!! You will be done before you know it!