Friday, October 3

Everything Is Better With Him

Tyson had to go out of town last night for work.  It's crazy how only having him gone for one night makes me appreciate him that much more.  I am a hot mess without my husband.  I honestly have so much admiration for women who's husbands are gone for long stents of time.  I don't know how they manage.

Ty has been so wonderful to help in any way possible, with the new baby.  He has been waking up early every morning so that I can sleep in a bit.  He gets P out of bed, fed, bathed and even takes her and GiGi out on a bike ride every morning.  As soon as he comes home for work he immediately picks P up and takes her to her swim lessons or MyGym class.  Each night before we go to bed, I tell him to go ahead and sleep through the night.  Don't worry, he is up each time with Lucy.  He is great at getting me the diaper and wipes and always goes down stairs to grab my pump accessories.  I would be lost without this man of mine.

I love that my girls have him as their daddy.  I couldn't have imagined a more perfect person to raise a family with.  I am totally okay with him being the fun, loving, kind, tender, and patient one in the family.  He makes up for everything that I lack at times.  I think together we make a pretty good team.
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