Tuesday, October 7


P is at such a fun age right now.  She makes everyone around her laugh.  We love trying to teach her new words.  Hearing her try to pronunciate different words is hilarious.  She has a thing for twirling around in her yellow tutu, emptying her drawers, picking out her own outfits, folding in half and doing summersaults all over the house, and swaying her hips to every song she hears.  

We finally managed to get rid of her bottles.  It was seriously so hard, more so on our part than hers.  But ever since doing so, she has been eating like a champ.  She is constantly saying "YUMMY," to let us know that she wants more food.  It's like having a sixteen year old male teenager roaming my house.  She gets the stool out the pantry and tries to get into the fridge and cupboards every chance she can get. 

Her current obsession is bubbles.  She loves trying to blow them, pop them, and eat them.  Everything revolves around bubbles, from the bath tub to her chocolate milk.  I'm thinking it's time to invest in a bubble maker around here.
 ^^^ I just die over her puckered lips. ^^^
^^^ Sometimes eating the bubbles is more fun then blowing them. ^^^

 I cannot wait for the weather to completely cool off, so we can spend all morning outside blowing bubbles and playing at the park.  Also, I am thinking it's time to introduce play dough!!!! A definite childhood favorite.
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  1. vanessa! i found your blog through kim and curtis brown's blog. LOVE LOVE your blog. it's amazing. we are thinking of relocating to CA from AZ. My husbands job is in canoga park. I have heard that is not the best place to raise a family. I know your much more north, but I need help on where to find a nice area, with a good LDS ward. Any information would be helpful. thanks so much!!!!

  2. Hey Emily! Thank you so much for reading my blog and for saying hi! I am not too familiar with Canoga Park.... I am actually from Utah :) I am still trying to figure out my round abouts here and it's been over four years! Relocating is always difficult. I thought Fresno was going to be a difficult place to raise my children, but I have really come to love this place. It really comes down to the people. I wish I could be of more help as far as a ward goes. Maybe you could go visit a couple of different ones and get a good feel.....