Thursday, August 14

My Sister Girl

My baby sis had to say goodbye to her hubby today, after only being with him for a few short weeks.  He unexpectedly got called to serve on another deployment, this time to Iraq.  In their three years of marriage this will be his third deployment, the first being right after their wedding day.  I honestly don't know how she does it.  I admire and look up to her so much.  She is NEVER negative and always looks at the bright side of things.  With so much to complain about, I never hear a complaint out of her mouth.  She keeps herself motivated and uses this time apart as a way to strengthen herself and their marriage.  I am beyond proud of who she has become.  She will be applying for her Masters degree here in the fall.  

Sister girl your strength is one I lean on often.  I know you and Jordo will get through this and together will become so much stronger.  You have endured a lot, but have so much to show for it.  I can't believe I get to be lucky one that gets to call you my sister.  I am only a phone call away! 


Here are just a few of the pics, I was able to take of them before he leaves.

 Here is just one other example of all my sisters has been through, as well as a couple of posts on her thoughts here & here.
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