Saturday, August 30

Baking In The Kitchen With Mama

As I have been trying to kill the time waiting for this much anticipated baby, P and I have been having a blast in the kitchen.  I had always secretly hoped she would love baking as much as I do, but wondered when to right time to introduce her would be.  I figured now was the perfect time.  She loves her measuring cups in the bath and figured she would enjoy this even more.  I was not surprised at all as she lit up with excitement, realizing she was going to be able to dump the flour, sugar, etc.  After each dump she continued to yell more, more, more!  It was hard for me to keep up.  It was thrilling to watch her eyes in amusement as she watched the mixer spin round and round.  Watching her taste the batter was also a highlight.  I can still remember baking side by side with my mama and her always giving me the beater.  It is so much fun watching her grow older and becoming more inquisitive of her surroundings.  She watches EVERYTHING I do and does not miss a beat. 

I look forward to many more years in the kitchen with my little lady!
(mom I think she needs an apron for Christmas......)   

 ^^^ The kitchen was a little more messy, but I honestly did not care.  Watching her smile melted my heart. ^^^

 ^^^ Oh so proud of her masterpiece. ^^^

We made my favorite or should I say Tyson's favorite banana bread.  Recipe HERE.
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