Saturday, September 6

Baby #2, 39 weeks

(I wrote this Saturday morning before I went into labor.)

Craving - Nothing in particular.  I have been extra thirsty this week and hungry.  All I want to do is eat.  That could explain all of the weight gain....  Tyson and I went through a bag of Oreo's in two sittings.  Oops!  All for the baby, right?!
Sleep - There have been a couple rough nights, where I honestly thought I was going to go into labor.  The anticipation alone kept me from sleeping.  One night in particular I was having extreme pain in my hips, that led down to my thighs. I soaked in the tub for a bit and that seemed to relax me enough to fall back asleep.  I finally got a much needed good nights rest, last night.  Both Tyson and I were extremely grateful. 
Movement - Movement has slowed down, but still love seeing her little booty sticking out of my right side.  She loves being nestled up on that side.  
Missing - Still missing being able to touch my toes and put my shoes on.  Bending over is such a task.  I also miss walking around the grocery store without it totally wiping me out. 
Belly Button - Out!
Maternity Clothes - Yes, but am so over them!  Next time around I am going to make sure to buy more dresses.
Stretch Marks - Still none, keeping my fingers crossed.
Swelling - I have really started to notice the swelling in my face.  Probably my least favorite thing about pregnancy.  I've got this awesome double chin thing going on, as well.  My hands have also started to swell.  I'm hoping this means I am getting close. 
Symptoms - I have had so many this week it's not even funny.  My little fam and I decided to head out on a walk and turns out it was the worst idea ever.  We got pretty far away from home and I started having severe contractions.  It was awful!  Tyson ended up having to run ahead and go get the car.  I for sure thought I was in labor.  I was hoping no one would drive by that knew me.  It was not pretty.  I couldn't walk or talk.  Turns out the second I walked through my door, they dissipated.  Also a little TMI, but I'm pretty sure I have lost my mucus plug, such a gross word.
Overall Mood - It's hard to take each day as it comes, because I want more than anything for my little girl to be here.  I did not for see myself getting this far along.  I am learning to not put expectations on anything.  I was super excited to go to my doctors appointment this week, but it ended up being more discouraging than anything.  I was only dilated to a 1 and then to make things worse he didn't schedule to see my till this coming Thursday.  That is only two days away from my due date.  I thought I would be induced by then for sure.  I was a little confused, but didn't bring anything up to him.  So for now, it is back to the waiting game.  It is wonderful having it be a three day weekend.  That just means more family time, before the little one arrives.  
Looking forward to - HAVING THIS BABY!!!!
Highlight of the week - Tyson is amazing as usual, but continues to far exceed my expectations every day.  I jokingly told him that I wanted a "push present" but honestly didn't think I would get one.  When I least expected it, he had Penelope hand me a pair of Ray Bans that I have been eyeing for some time now.  I couldn't believe it.  As if that wasn't enough, a day later he handed me a little black jewelry box that had a pair of white gold earrings starring right up at me.  He knew how bad I have been wanting a pair, because I am allergic to sterling silver and have been without earrings for quite some time.  He also let me hire someone to clean the house spotless.  It has never smelled so good.  That boy knows how to spoil me.  Each day of this pregnancy he has been amazing.  He has never complained once, rubs my feet every night, calms my worries, and has fulfilled all of my food cravings.  I honestly couldn't be where I am without him. Getting my hair done was also pretty exciting!  It always feels so nice to have someone else wash and blow dry my hair.  I also got my extensions put back in, for a little pick me up.  
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