Thursday, September 25

Lucy's Nursery

Lucy's nursery has been a work in progress, where I have added little touches here and there, as I'm sure I will continue to do so as time goes by.  Penelope is currently sleeping in her room until we make the transition from crib to big girl bed.  She is just breaking it in for little sis.  

Lucy's nursery is an eclectic mix of things left over from P's old nursery, mixed with a few new items.  That old green chair has been a challenge to decorate around, but is too comfy to get rid of and has too many memories wrapped up into it.  I'm sure I will continue to pass it along form nursery to nursery, until we're done having babies.  

I love everything about a nursery.  It's where those restless nights are spent, mixed with fond memories of story time, family prayer, and where I believe dreams are first made.  
^^^ My sweet friend Jess painted this watercolor print for Lucy.  That girl has talent. ^^^
^^^ I have really enjoyed all of the storage space this changing table has to offer.  Two babies in diapers makes for much needed space. ^^^
^^^ I have loved showcasing both of my girls blessing dresses in their nurseries. ^^^
^^^ One of my favorite paintings of all time. ^^^
I look forward to the many memories that will be shared in this room!

crib // changing table // striped throw // faux sheepskin // ruffle curtains // striped crib sheet //star pillow // bla bla dolls // zinc wall letters // knitted pouf // picture ledge // nativity print // wire basket // pom pom garland (yours truly) // chair (thrifted) // quilt & blessing dress (my mother) 
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  1. I love all of it- the green chair included!! Where did you snag that??