Sunday, September 21

Teach Them While They Are Young

Saturday morning I put Tyson and my brother-in-law to work, on planting flowers in our front yard.  Penelope was so excited to help.  I couldn't get over her chubby little fingers all covered in dirt.  She even worked up a sweat.  I tell you what, this little girl over heats in two seconds flat.  She had a blast nonetheless. 
^^^ Yes we stay in our pj's as long as possible on Saturday mornings. ^^^
 ^^^ Uncle Jordan found a caterpillar for P to play with. ^^^
 ^^^ Her giggle and squirm were priceless.  She couldn't figure it out if she liked it or not. ^^^
 ^^^ She loves spending time with her dada and I can never get enough of seeing the two of them together. ^^^
 I can't wait for our flowers to blossom and for P to see her hard work pay off!
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