Friday, September 26

Fresh Air

I have finally started to feel somewhat human again.  I am thinking the one month mark is the magic time allotment for recovering from a c-section and adjusting to two kiddos.  I am still wandering around in my sweats and barely remembering to brush my teeth each day, but no longer feel like the hunchback of Notre Dame.  My swelling is finally starting to go down and I can walk around the store without wanting to grab one of those scooters to get me back to my car.  I have yet to attempt to take my two girls out on my own, but progress is being made.  I have even started picking P up.  I realize I am not supposed to pick up more than 10 lbs. but honestly who can keep that up for six weeks.  I feel lucky I was able to go three.  It has honestly been the best thing for me.  I have finally started feeling a sense of independence from doing so.  

In other happy news, FALL has arrived and I couldn't be more happy about this.  If you know me, this is my all time favorite time of year.  I honestly feel like a new person each time fall makes its way.  I have already been to Starbucks countless times to get my fix of their pumpkin spice steamer.  It is seriously amazing!  I have been stocking up on all things pumpkin and have even pulled out the Halloween decor.  I couldn't help myself! 

To make things even better the weather has finally dropped.  While perusing through Costco last night I had to borrow a sweater, to help myself from freezing.  We slept with the windows open and enjoyed the cool breeze.  This morning P and I were finally able to bust out the sidewalk chalk without dripping with sweat.  I love watching her scribble all over the cement.  I'm pretty sure I could never tire of seeing her artwork.
^^^ Please note P's painted toe nails.  Tyson wins the award for best daddy. ^^^
 YAY for FALL and YAY for feeling human again!  We are on the up and up around here.
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