Sunday, September 14

Coming Home

I had so many emotions going through my mind as I waited for Tyson to come pick us up from the hospital. 

How was I going to take care of a brand new baby and my one year old? 

How was I going to make it up the stairs?

Could I handle the nursing bit once again?

How will I get in and out of my bed?

Will the pain killers work?

And believe me, there were a million other questions floating in my head.
 I was also excited to be back in my own bed and my own house.  There really is nothing like home sweet home.  I also hadn't seen my puppy in almost a week.  I couldn't wait for her to meet our newest addition.

Tyson had some troubles getting my prescriptions filled, so it took him a lot longer than we had anticipated to come pick us up.  By the time he finally got the medications, I was ready to leave Clovis Community Hospital and take on my new role as a mama of two.
 ^^^ They always look so tiny when you first put them in their car seat. ^^^
 It felt so good to walk through my own back door and to be welcomed by GiGi and Penelope.  She was so EXCITED to have her mama and baby sister home and we were just as thrilled!  Tyson had the house spotless, knowing that would put a smile on my face.  We gave Penelope her Bitty Baby, so that she would have her very own baby to take care of and my oh my was she thrilled.  

Most of the things I worried about weren't even a big deal.  I tend to stew things up in my mind and let them get the best of me.  I had the wonderful help of my mom and husband who helped me make the transition.

I have been home for over a week now and am starting to think I can do this!
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