Saturday, September 20

Farmer's Market

Yesterday we ventured downtown to the Clovis Farmers Market.  This was the first time we had made it this year.  The weather was absolutely amazing last night, so we decided to take full advantage and get some fresh air.  I love everything about the farmers market, my favorites being the live music, corn on the cob, fresh squeezed lemonade, cotton candy, and pizza.  We usually stock up on fresh produce, but didn't even make it down that way.  We were having too much watching P dance and snacking our way to the pony ride.
^^^ What I would give to have my sister live closer. ^^^
^^^ Daddy looking good with the double stroller. ^^^

 ^^^ Young love. ^^^
 ^^^ Lucy was a champ the entire time, gotta love newborns. ^^^
 ^^^ Our friends the Browns met up with us.  They make the most beautiful babies. ^^^
 ^^^ I was obsessed with watching this old man have the time of his life.  Reminds me of what I will be doing when I'm older.  Not a care in the world. ^^^
^^^ P loved swinging her hips from side to side.  She was a hit on the dance floor. ^^^
 ^^^ One can never have too much kettle corn. ^^^
 ^^^ I swear this is thee BEST corn on the cob. ^^^
 ^^^ I die. ^^^
 ^^^ Don't mind the battle wound on P's chin.  Poor thing fell. ^^^
 The highlight of my evening was taking P on her first pony ride.  You would have thought she died and went to heaven, with the excitement that was shown.  To say she was obsessed is an understament.  The second she got off she yelled more More MORE!!!!  I couldn't refuse her plea and let her go one more time.  She again yelled MORE!  Sadly we had to tell her no.  I think she would have stayed on that pony till the sun came up.  I am already looking forward to taking her on her next pony ride.
 ^^^ The aftermath of telling her no more. ^^^

It was seriously the perfect evening.  I am already itching to go again!
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