Monday, September 22

What's A Girl To Do

My baby sister just left to go back to Utah, after being with us for eleven days.  It's crazy how at the time eleven days seemed like a great length of time, yet her stay flew by way too quickly.  I'm pretty sure my little family scared her and her hubby away from having kids for quite some time.  She learned pretty quickly all that is entailed in making a house run smoothly.  I think she handled it all amazingly.  She did everything for me that I couldn't do.  She became a pro baker, house cleaner, nanny, chauffeur, therapist, and so so much more.  I couldn't thank her enough for all that she did.  She even put up with P taking out her frustrations on her.  Like always I never heard a complaint out of her mouth.  She would wake up bright and early to take P off my hands, so I could get a much needed nap.  I honestly don't know what I would have done without her.  

Luckily for her, her husband was able to take leave and come stay with us for the week.  I am so happy that it all worked out.  They had each other and Jordan was a tremendous help as well.  The best was watching his expression when P threw up all over Tyson while we went to Dog House, hearing Lucy have a blow out for the first time, and witnessing one of many meltdowns. 

We were able to fit in a few fun activities, such as the Farmer's Market, hitting up the Anthropologie sale, CPK, staying up late watching shows, and crafting up a storm.  Kiersten and Jordan were even able to take P to her My Gym class, Skywalk, the park, and to the swimming pool!  It was a fantastic week filled with many laughs and a few cries!  

Thank you sister girl for EVERYTHING you did!!!!  Lucky for me I get my mom and sister back on Friday to prepare for Lucy's blessing day on Sunday.
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