Tuesday, September 30

Lucy One Month

Dear Lucy,
Have you really been with us for one month already?!  The time has just been flying by.  You are such a sweet addition to our family.  You have been the best thing for your little sister.  I love seeing the two of you together.  There is so much love for you in our home.  You are already teaching us so much and helping me become the mama that I need to be.  When you are awake your eyes are open big and wide.  You are so aware of your surroundings and love to be talked to.  You are not a fan of being left alone, especially when awake.  You prefer to be held, walked around with and bounced.  Most of the things that worked for your sister do not work for you.  We have found out pretty quickly that you do not like to be swaddled.  If we keep your arms out then you are much happier.  You are also not a fan of the binky.  We tried about every binky imaginable.  Luckily you take a bottle pretty well.  You are getting better and better at nursing every day, which makes things a lot easier.  When you get the hang of things, you sure know how to guzzle.  I believe you are going to be a chunky monkey in no time.  Your cheeks lay perfectly on your chest and you have the most adorable double chin developing.  I can't help but kiss your plump cheeks every chance I get.  The rolls on your arms are so yummy and you have the cutest thighs ever.  They already have definition.  You get that from your daddy's side.  Speaking of your daddy, you have his dimples.  When you smile your entire face lights up.  You have two deep dimples that anyone would be jealous to have, especially your mama.  Your hair is extremely fluffy and oh so cute.  I think you might even keep some of it.  You have started sleeping three to four hours each night, which is oh so appreciated by your parents.  You love sleeping with your hands by your face.  You look like an angel when you sleep.  You have the tiniest feet that I just can't get enough of, in fact you are tiny everywhere.  You are still wearing newborn diapers and newborn clothing.  It's funny because you are putting on plenty of weight.  Surprisingly enough you love tummy time.  You have even fallen asleep because it somehow relaxes you.  Whenever you are fussy I lay you on your belly and you seem to calm down.  You constantly make us laugh when you go cross eyed, which is pretty often.  You also purse your lips together and make the cutest pucker face.  We call you our little Blue Steel. 
We love everything about you baby girl and feel so blessed to be your parents.  Thank you for being the perfect addition to our family.  We look forward to watching you grow and develop.
Your mama and papa.
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