Friday, August 15

Baby #2, 36 weeks

I will be 37 weeks in the morning, better late than never!

Craving - I don't know what my deal is, but I cannot stop craving s'mores.  Aside from my graham and mallow cravings I have actually been on a somewhat healthy kick.  I'm not sure if it is because I gave up the diet coke.  I love me a good sandwich, especially a BLT (not too healthy), but delicious none of the less.
Sleep - Tyson got me some new pillows which have been helping, but it is still something I dread.  I don't understand how ones bladder could possibly continue to fill up over and over after emptying it over twelve times.
Movement - Baby girl is still sitting low, but my PGP has finally started to decrease.  Penelope felt her move for the first time this morning as she was lying her head on my belly.  She gave it a big squeeze.  I melted. 
Missing - Being able to shave and put my shoes on, but am still happy I am fitting into my shoes.  Something I was terribly afraid wouldn't happen, this time around.
Belly Button - Sticking somewhat out.  I really notice it when I am in my gym clothes.  
Maternity Clothes - Love them and swear by them, but cannot wait to wear my old clothes.
Stretch Marks - Nothing yet.... I have started getting the itchy tummy.  She must be putting on the lbs.
Swelling - Still just at night or if I am not in a well ventilated place.  Tonight we are headed up to the mountains, to cooler weather.  I cannot wait!
Symptoms - I have been having a couple contractions, but nothing too close together.  I wonder if my water will break this time around....
Overall Mood - I feel much better this week.  I thought I would be extremely anxious being so close to being full term, but I'm feeling surprisingly good.  Poor P has been sick all week with fever, throwing up and an awful rash.  We've spent a lot of times indoors, but I have savored all of our snuggle sessions on the couch.  I got a little teary eyes the other night as she had her arm resting on my belly watching Tarzan.  As much as I cannot wait to no longer be pregnant, a little part of me is really going to miss the bond P has had with my bump.
Looking forward to - Hopefully have a healthy toddler and taking her on some last trips with us before baby girl comes.  We are thinking of riding the Hanford train and getting ice cream, as well as Skywalk.
Highlight of the week - Celebrating my 29th Birthday!
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