Friday, May 15

Lucy 8 Months

Dear Lucy,
You have made it to the eight month mark.  This is one of my all time favorite stages.  You are just so perfect in every way, all the way from the top of that wispy hair of yours, down to your chubby little feet.  Your top two teeth have really started to come in and oh my goodness you couldn't be cuter.  Every time you smile I have to grit my teeth.  They have the biggest gap between them, that only adds to the cuteness.  Your hair is really starting to fill in.  Just the other day, I went to get you out of bed and couldn't believe all that dark hair on top of your head.  The front is still longer than ever and I debate whether or not to give you a little trim.  You continue to have rolls for days, that just get more luscious by the minute, yet you are still very petite.  You are the perfect little butter ball with the smoothest skin ever.  
You love to eat!  You smack your lips together anytime you see me with your baby food.  My milk supply isn't in full force, but you still love nursing any chance you can get.  I've tried giving you the yogurt melts, but you are not a fan.  Hopefully next month you will discover their deliciousness.  
You have such a sweet demeanor about you.  Your little personality is really starting to shine through.  You are determined and grip onto the things you want with full force, including my hair and face.  This past month you have totally turned into a mama's girl.  Anytime someone holds you, you cry and look right at me.  I'm not gonna lie, I love that you want and need me.  Just recently, you have started reaching for me.  It's my favorite thing and sure makes me melt. 
I love getting you out of your bed in the mornings and after nap time, because you kick your legs and squeal with so much excitement.  You sure are a happy little thing.  You were the best little traveler, as you took your first ride on a plane.  I couldn't believe how well you did, especially because you don't like the car.  Water bottles, remotes and my phone are your favorite things to play with.  You love being outside and going on walks with your big sis.  Taking you grocery shopping is great now because you can sit up in the cart all by yourself.  I still find myself wearing you most of the time, when running errands.  You love that Ergo and so do I.
You are currently wearing 6-12 month clothes and size 4 diapers.  I can't wait to find out what your stats are next month.
We love you so much sweet girl and feel so beyond blessed to get to be your parents.  Your big sis loves you immeasurably.  She has started calling you LuLu and it's pretty sweet.  She gets mad if I get you out of bed, before she can come in and greet you first.  The two of you have really started to interact and I couldn't be more happy.  
I hope you always remember how special you are!


Mama & Papa
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