Thursday, June 4

Boon FORB Review

Aside from my workout attire addiction, baby products comes in at a close second.  Over the past couple of years I have had so much fun researching and asking other mama's what their top baby brands and products are.  Quality and durability are always at the top of my list.  When purchasing any item, I always make sure that it is going to be aesthetically pleasing.  I think a home filled with baby items has an extra special feel. 

One of my all time favorite brands is Boon, so when they reached out to me, I was completely flattered.  If you've been to my house, I'm sure you have spotted many of their amazing baby items scattered throughout.  I can't rave enough about their HIGHCHAIR and LAWN DRYING RACK.  I use both every single day.  

I was excited to hear that they just recently stepped up their baby mealtime feeding category and added a bottle cleaning brush.  With two little ones, I am constantly at my kitchen sink scrubbing bottles.  In the past I haven't been a huge fan of any of the other cleaning brushes I have tried.  They worked fine, but were rather boring to look at.  Having a bland brush sitting on my counter top, wasn't my favorite thing either.
I couldn't wait to give the BOON FORB SILICONE BOTTLE BRUSH a try.  It's bright colors and modern look, caught my eye immediately.  I knew having that darling little flower on my kitchen sink, would make the daunting task of washing bottles and sippy cups a little more fun.  
Although the brush was a little difficult to get into the bottle openings, I found it cleaned the bottles well and with little effort.  One of my favorite features is the nipple cleaner, at the end of the brush. It fits nicely and gets the job done.
The silicone material stays squeaky clean and can be thrown in the dishwasher when needed.  I also loved the simple holder that comes with the brush.  I don't have to worry about my brush constantly falling into the sink, while I am washing dishes.
 ^^^ I spy a tiny hand and a tap shoe. ^^^
 The Forb brush is now available nationwide in-store at TARGET.  
I would love to hear what your favorite baby products and brands are!
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  1. these pictures are fab!! and i love that its shaped like a flower, too cute!!

  2. I love how bright and colorful your kitchen is (insert heart eye emoji)! So happy!