Thursday, June 25

Playing Catch Up

As usual life is crazy busy, but super fun!  Summer has brought lots of ice cream, swimming and many new memories.  Here is a quick catch up of what's been happening around here.
1. Father's Day Sunday, my girls have the best daddy.  2. I got to team instruct to raise money for a group traveling to Haiti, later this year.  3. Some of the other wonderful instructors I got to teach with.  4.We celebrated Tyson's 31st birthday.  My friend Kimmy made the most unbelievable golf themed cake for him!
1. I never tire of seeing pictures with my girls together.  It's a rare occasion that P wants to hold Lucy, so when she does, you better believe I am snapping away.  2. Lately P has loved hanging outside once the sun starts going down.  3. P could play airplane all day long.  Her hair kills me. 4. Lucy Marie in her new romper.  Baby rolls in rompers about does me in every time.
 1. Popsicles have been a must in this heat.  The bigger the better.  I end up eating most of it.  2. Sunday snippet with my happy girl.  3. Tyson's first time on a road bike..... it was mine.  I couldn't stop laughing seeing him on my tiny bike.  4. P is finally at the age where she can go play with friends.  She is obsessed with her friend "Abbey's" house.
 1. Lucy watching her cousin perform at her talent show.  2. This girl and her silly faces.  3. In N' Out is my new addiction.  I tend to go there every other day.  I swear I'm not pregnant, but it sure feels like it with the cravings I have been having.  4. Little Lucy loves the bath and I'm so in love with her squishy belly.
 1. We love meeting daddy for lunch after P's dance class.  2. Thrifty's has the best ice cream.  Such a perfect treat after swim lessons.  3. Selfie's with my mini.  Notice the lipstick on P.  4. The BEST ice cream ever!  Cold Stone (half sweet cream, half chocolate, Reese's, almonds and hot fudge.  I have my friend Jill to thank!
 1. Farmer's Market with my little lady.  2. P loves every other dog besides her own.  3. This girl and pony rides.  4. We found our old groomer.  We are thrilled, including Gigi.
 1. We have been living at the pool every Saturday.  It helps with the mean farmers tan, I am developing from biking.  2. I have a thing for hats these days.  I plan on adding a few more to my collection.  3. P's favorite thing about Target is picking out a juice and munching on some popcorn.  And yes I took her out in public, in her Cinderella costume.  4. My friend Jessica and her daughter T came to visit us.  The girl played so well together.  I wish they lived closer. 
1. Little miss can't get enough of being outside.  2. My amazing mama sent me the most thoughtful and sweetest ray of sunshine package, in the mail.  It more than made my day.  3. My talented friend made me this Home Sweet Home sign and I couldn't love it more.  4. I am finally back to taking family pictures.  I loved this first session back.
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