Sunday, June 28

Our Little Fish

Penelope has loved water since I can remember.  I started taking her to a mommy and me swim class when she only one.  She has been my baby Nemo ever since.  This summer I knew it was going to be essential that she learned how to swim.  I was super worried about trying to watch two babies at one time at the pool and not only that, all of my friends seem to have pools.  Lucky for us the Jan Thomas Swim School is conveniently located here in Clovis.  P's teacher had her swimming on her first lesson.  I have only amazing things to say about the swim school.  It is no wonder they have been around for over 50 years.  

I was so sad I had to miss P's first lesson, but Tyson and his mom were able to take her.  They sent me videos the entire lesson.  I was so proud of her from the very first video I saw.  It made me tear up a little.  I thought it was going to be a bit traumatizing for her, but she was so resilient and her teacher showed her so much love.  From there on out, each lesson got better and better.

I loved taking her and watching her kick her tiny legs as fast as she could across the pool.  It was so cute watching her open her eyes under water and look at all of the other kids around her.  She was able to jump off the diving board and even go down the slide.  Being a mama and watching my kids accomplish new things is the best reward out there. 

After each lesson P picked out a popsicle or Airhead and had to get a whale and mermaid stamp.  She was in heaven after each lesson and would cry when it was over.  Every day she begged to see her teacher!  She even woke up from her nap a couple of times yelling, "TEACHER."  I was so sad on the last day knowing she wouldn't see her until next year.  P has such a special place in her heart for her.  
On her third to last lesson they took under water pictures of her.  These have to be some of my favorite pics EVER!
 ^^^ P laughed and pointed every time we walked by this statue. ^^^
 ^^^ On the second to last lesson, they had me get into the pool with her, so that they could teach me the proper techniques to continue her progression.  It was so fun being in the water with her.
 On P's last day she became a Jan Thomas Champion!  She was awarded a blue ribbon and a medal.  You could see her beaming with pride.  Grandma and Grandpa Parker were there, as well as Tyson and her two cousins.  Everyone clapped and cheered for her.  She kept holding up her pointer finger and saying she was number one.  It was too cute!  
It's so fun having a little swimmer on my hands and I couldn't be more proud!
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  1. Clara is going to Jan Thomas at the end of the month! I'm so excited/nervous!!! But anything is worth it to keep these babies safe around the water!