Monday, July 6

Lucy 10 Months

Dear Lucy,

Or should I say Lulu/chubs?!  You are my big ten month old girl.  It seems as if the days of you being my baby girl are drifting away quicker than I would like.  You are getting bigger every day.  I can't keep up on your closet.  Every time I get all of your old clothes cleaned out, you turn right around and grow out of the new ones, I just got you.  I love putting you into your sister's old clothes.  You look just as cute and it's fun for me to relive some fond memories.
You are still as sweet as can be and are such a good baby.  The only time you are fussy, is if you are hungry or sleepy.  You are still taking two, sometimes three naps a day.  You go with the flow and even when I don't stick to your schedule perfectly, you still smile all day long.  You go to bed around 7 and wake up around 5:30 am for a bottle and then go back down till 7.  
You have finally started to like your baby snacks.  They are a life savor when we go out to eat or if I need to get something done.  You happily sit in your high chair and munch away.  My milk is all dried up, so it's bottles from here on out.  We had a good ride and I'm so happy I got a solid nine months of nursing you.
I love taking you into the gym with me each morning because you are always smiling.  You greet everyone with a smile and have mastered the wave.  It's the cutest thing watching your arms wave up and down.  You aren't talking or crawling just yet, but I think it's only days away.  Just a couple of days ago while we were at nana and grandpa Parker's house, you pulled yourself up onto their fireplace.  I'm thinking we need to have daddy instal our baby gates ASAP.  You are one quick army crawler.  I absolutely love chasing you around the house.  You giggle and try to get away as fast as your chubby legs, will let you.
I took you swimming the other day and you almost army crawled right into the pool.  It's a good thing I had lots of helpers, or you would have gone head first into the pool.  You can't seem to get enough of the water.  You will splash your arms and legs, up and down as fast as they can go.  You get sad every time we have to take you out of the pool.
You have finally graduated from sleeping in your sleep sacks.  I didn't think the day would ever come.  I'm happy you did, only because I worried about the heat of the summer.  You love falling asleep with your Bla Bla kitty cat and your soft blanky.  As soon as you see both of them you smile.  One of my favorite things you do, is sing yourself to sleep.  I need to record it one of these days.  I think we might have a little singer on our hands. 
Lucy you are the most scrumptious baby and we all can't seem to get enough of you.  I can't wait to see what this next month brings!

Mama and Papa

I'm lucky I got any pictures today.  You are seriously a spaz.  It was hilarious. You almost dove right onto the carpet, were rolling everywhere and were ripping your bow out of your hair.  It was quite the workout.  
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