Wednesday, July 22

Lazy Days of Summer

My girls live for the water!  P is constantly digging through her drawers, pulling out every swim suit she owns.  She wears a different one each day, sometimes two or three at a time.  She cracks me up on a daily basis.  She always insists her baby sister has a swimsuit on to match.  

P continued to beg to go to the pool today, but didn't have it in me to drag them both to the community pool, so I did what an logical mama out there would do.  I went to the side of the house and found the swimming pool that we purchased from Walmart last year.  I cleaned off a good years worth of moss and tossed the kiddos in the pool.  
^^^ They were thrilled. ^^^
^^^ Could her round belly get any cuter?!?! ^^^
^^^ P showing of her pony tail. ^^^
^^^ Can I please keep her this age forever. ^^^
^^^ P thought it was rather entertaining to drench her poor sissy with the hose. ^^^
^^^  But seriously, this girl! ^^^
There is nothing I love more than being able to stay home with girls.  I know one day I am going to miss these crazy days like mad.  I can only hope and pray I am giving them the childhood they deserve.
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