Friday, July 17

Wet N' Wild

The heat has made me a pretty lame mom lately.  Just the thought of going outside makes me queasy.  The warm weather has meant no walks or playing at the park.  Its just too HOT!  Like burn my babies skin going down the slide kind of hot.  Taking the two babies to the pool on my own is not an option, seeing as P thinks she can swim all on her own, which makes for having both hands on deck at all times.... maybe next summer.

We were all starting to go a little stir crazy, so I decided it was time to take a impromptu trip to the splash pad.  I loaded up the car with all the fixings and you would have thought we were headed to Newport already.  I tell ya, the things we have to pack just for a quick outing.  I decided it was totally worth it and grabbed the kiddos.

P was ecstatic the moment she found out it was time to put on her swim suit.  She seriously begs me every day to take her swimming.  I always feel awful when I have to tell her not today.  So although we weren't headed to the pool, I thought I might get a few brownie points for taking her to the splash pad. 
P wasn't so much a fan.  Don't let these pictures fool you.  I thought for sure she would LOVE it, but I was wrong.  She kept insisting I take my clothes off and get in with her and kept shivering, even though it was a million degrees outside.  I thought she would warm up to the idea once a little time passed, but nope no such thing.
Lucy on the other hand was in all sorts of heaven.  She kept reaching for the water and smiling for days.  Watching her chubby little body crawl around was almost to much to handle.
 ^^^ Getting a picture with these two together, is near to impossible.  This is as good as it was going to get. ^^^
P finally decided to be brave, but not without first stealing Lucy's water hat.  I'm thinking she thought it had some sort of super powers, because all of a sudden she was willing to try new things.  Whatever works!
The overall highlight to our splash pad, is the snow cones!  I am pretty picky when it comes to the texture of my ice, but this place has it going on.  They offer a ton of different flavors to pick from and it just seems to hit the spot every time. 
We even got daddy to join us for an impromptu lunch date.  I guess that's what happens when mama forgets her wallet.  We just had to get a snow cone.  It was good to mix things up a bit and get my girls out of the house.  Three cheers for tiring out the girls and long naps to kick off the weekend.

And just for fun, a look at last years trip to the splash pad.  It's crazy how much P has grown up! 
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  1. I so wish we had a splash pad! What great pics so got!