Tuesday, July 7

Red White & Blue

**** WARNING!!!! Probably the most pictures I have ever posted, but I was having too much fun snapping away ..... 
We had the BEST fourth of July weekend!  I was mostly excited to have Tyson all to ourselves and no work.  I kicked off the holiday, running 4 miles in the Freedom Run, at Woodward Park.  It's one of my favorite traditions.  I wasn't able to run last year, because I was pregnant with Lucy.  So this year felt especially good.  It was super hilly and hard work, but I always love the feeling I get after I run and don't feel guilty for all the sweets consumed.

As soon as I got home we headed to the pool.  The girls loved cooling off in the water.  When it was finally time to go, it was like pulling teeth getting P out of the pool.  Both girls were able to get a good nap in before all of the festivities began.  Once we got the girls home and down for their naps, I made a flag cake.  It was super tasty and actually pretty easy and fun to make.  If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you got a peek.

It's tradition every year to go to Tyson's uncle John's house to celebrate.  We always eat way too much yummy food, talk, laugh, swim and watch fireworks all night.  I swear every year it gets more and more fun.  I loved having Lucy out of my belly this year and not feeling like I was going to melt into a puddle, right onto the sidewalk. 
^^^ They have thee cutest goldendoodle.  It took everything in me not to steal her and take her home with me. ^^^
 ^^^ Lucy loved being in the water with her daddy. ^^^
^^^ I will never get sick of seeing my kiddos in googles. ^^^^
 ^^^ I am so grateful I have P to do crazy things right along side with me. ^^^
 ^^^ My girls love Taylie.  She is the BEST babysitter. ^^^
 ^^^ Brushing up on my old cheerleading skills. ^^^
 ^^^ Oh the arm chub. ^^^
 ^^^ My friends have the most adorable triplets.  It was killing me to watch them try and drink soda, out of a can. ^^^
 ^^^ Graham is just the cutest kid ever. ^^^
 ^^^ We have got to get this one a playground. ^^^
 ^^^ My very own monkey. ^^^
 ^^^ I can't get this girl to give me a real smile, without getting this face. ^^^
 ^^^ Baby cleavage... I'm pretty sure he has more than me. ^^^
 ^^^ My chubby little girl. ^^^
 ^^^ Planking like a pro. ^^^
^^^ I had to recreate our photo shoot from last year.  You can see it HERE.  ^^^
 ^^^ I couldn't get enough of P having the time of her life on the trampoline.  John happens to have the biggest tramp I have ever seen.^^^
 ^^^ That booty. ^^^
 ^^^ Ring around the rosie, is her favorite game. ^^^
 ^^^ You can't beat static tramp hair. ^^^
 ^^^ Boys being boys.  As soon as P saw them getting in the pool, she yelled boys and got right back in. ^^^
 ^^^ Kicking back enjoy life. ^^^
 ^^^ Model Graham. ^^^
 As soon as the sun started to set it was time for the firework show.  P wasn't a fan of the loud sounds.  She is too much like me.  After playing around with the glow sticks, she decided she wanted to head back to the pool for one last swim.
^^^ Lucy was killing me with the expressions on her face.  Luckily the fireworks didn't seem to phase her much and she actually ended up falling asleep during the show. ^^^ 
Oh how I LOVE this country and feel so blessed for the freedoms that I am able to enjoy on a daily basis.  I am forever indebted to the men and women who have and continue to fight for my freedom and safety.  

God bless the U.S.A.
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  1. The cutest pics ever! Such a fun night. :)

  2. Bummed that pinwheel pic isn't in the blog you linked...I wanted to see how she's grown!

    1. Hey Rachel! Thanks so much for pointing that out. I didn't realize I had posted the wrong link. I have it all fixed now :).