Thursday, July 30


One of my favorite spots to hit while in Newport is Sprinkles cupcakes.  They are ridiculously good!  I end up eating almost all four cupcakes in one sitting.  Since this is Lucy's first year at the beach, I thought it only necessary to properly introduce her to the best cupcake on earth.  It was also a nice pre-showing for her first birthday cake smash.

I loved watching her dainty hands dip into the frosting.  She couldn't get enough of the frosting and chocolate sprinkles and I couldn't get over her chubby creases.  If you look real close you can even spot Lucy's pretty hot pink toes.  I'm seriously head over heels for this baby of mine.
I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's salted carmel cupcakes.  You better believe I am going back for seconds.  We only have a couple more days left here and will be soaking up every last second. 
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