Tuesday, July 21

Life Lately In Squares

1. I decided to try out the half up half down top knot.  Tyson wasn't so sure about it, I on the other hand am a fan.  It takes me back to my childhood half pony tail days.  2. You can't beat the sunrise I get to experience every Saturday morning.  3. Sweet Lucy can pull herself up now and has even started heading up the stairs.  Mama is on high alert at all times.  4. Tyson and his teammates after one of their Saturday tournaments. Between these five guys, they have FIFTEEN girls and only three boys.
1. I can't get over P's hairs every time she jumps on the trampoline.  2. We finally got some rain here in California.  P gets so excited anytime she can slip into her rain boots.  3. My girlfriends and I went to the Lululemon grand opening in Fresno.  It was so much fun.  Absolute madness, but totally worth it.  We all left pretty happy girls.  4.  Again, that girl and her hair. 
1. Our Friday nights usually consist of us getting take out and heading over to our friends house.  Between our six kiddos, two and under, it makes for lots of fun.  2. Lucy had her nine month check up and was chubby as can be and a little tiny shorty.  I love getting my babies stats.  3.  An oldie but a goodie, the cake I made for the fourth.  4. My sister-in-law Cara put some highlights in my hair.  I was super super nervous, only because I have hated my hair anytime I have tried going lighter.  I was surprisingly pleased this time around.
1. It's near to impossible these days, to get a normal smile out of P.  I am totally okay with it though.  2. We finally got P's hair into pig tails.  It was a big day at the Parker home.  3. P is obsessed with play dough and her sand dough.  I'm not so much a fan of either, but it makes her extremely happy, which is winning in my eyes.  4. On Thursday's I get a little alone time.  I am able to get grocery shopping and any other errands I have for that week done.  I treated myself to a delicious lunch at Tofa's.  Pretty much anything that has pesto on it, has my name all over it.
1 & 2: Yet another fun Saturday ride.  Our century is coming up sooner than we know.  3. I had so much fun ordering P and Lucy some fall clothes, from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  P found the box before I could hide her clothes.  4. P is OBSESSED with chocolate milk and my protein shakes.  She truly is a girl after my own heart.
1. Probably one of my favorite iphone pics ever.  2. P was a flower girl at the most beautiful weeding for the kindest sweetest bride we know.  3. P's tiara was my favorite part of her attire.  She felt like a princess all night long.  4. I seriously can't get enough of my Lucy girl.  She is getting chubbier by the second.
1. Sunday selfie's with my mini me.  2. P posing for the camera.  3. My motivation on last Saturday's ride.  Play dough Superman ice cream anyone?!  Seriously my favorite childhood ice cream flavor.  4. The agency is sponsoring our cycling team.  We got the fit kits in the mail the other day and couldn't help but pose for the cheesiest family photo ever. 
1. The final countdown is on for our annual Newport Beach trip.  2. The nights are finally starting to cool down, which means family bike rides.  3. The first photo of these two together, ever.  Poor Gigi gets the wrath of P on a daily basis.  4. I finally caved and purchased Lucy an amber teething necklace.  I don't love the look of it so much.  But it seems to help our fussy teething girl.

Hope you are all having a FANTASTIC Tuesday!
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  1. Love the squares. And P's hair! She kills me. PS - there's 6 kids between us haha.. :)

  2. Clara refuses to take normal photos too!!! It must be a two thing!

  3. My daughter is two and hates smiling in photos too. Lol. The amber necklace looks so cute on her, I have used my daughter's when I had a huge tooth ache one night. Don't forget to charge it in the sun every couple of days. :) you have a gorgeous family.