Friday, July 31

Sunday's In Newport

One of my favorite traditions of our Newport vacation, is attending church on our first Sunday of the trip.  The chapel is located right across from the Newport Temple.  It is such a beautiful temple and the grounds are out of this world.  The flowers are gorgeous and the contrast of colors is breathtaking.  

One of Penelope's favorite things to do lately is spot Angel Moroni on top of all of the temples.  She makes a trumpet sound and pumps her hands, as though she is blowing the trumpet.  She was so excited when we pulled into the parking lot and she spotted Angel Moroni.  

Every night before we lay P down for bed, we have to sing "I Love To See The Temple," to her.  She won't go to sleep otherwise.  I'm so happy she has a special love for the temple, at such a young age.  I hope she will always realize the importance and sacredness of the temple.
^^^ She sure loves her daddy. ^^^
^^^ Trying to get this girl to hold still for a picture is getting near to impossible these days. ^^^
^^^ The oh so graceful leg lift.... ^^^
 ^^^ Poor Lucy girl gets strangled anytime we ask P to sit by her for a picture. ^^^
^^^ Love my Parker family and feel so lucky to have them all forever.  I feel so blessed to have such amazing examples in my life. ^^^
^^^^ Strike a pose. ^^^

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