Tuesday, August 4

Newport 2015

We just got back from our annual Newport Beach trip.  I don't know what it is, but each year continues to get better and better.  I'm pretty sure it has to do with watching our kiddos enjoy the vacation as much as we do.  We had such a fun filled week.  You just can't beat Southern California weather and scenery.  I told Tyson that I switched my dreams of retiring in Utah, to growing old in Southern California.  It's seriously the best!  

I am so thankful to Tyson's parents for providing the most amazing memories.  We all pile into a house for a week and enjoy staying up late, eating way too much food, watch lots of movies, soak up as much vitamin D as possible and get used to lots of sand all over the house.  I could never say or write enough good things about my in-laws.  I'm pretty sure I scored the jackpot. 

I didn't pull out my camera as much as I would have liked, but I always have a hard time finding the balance between enjoying the moment and capturing the perfect photo.  So here is a compilation of some random moments from our trip.  If you follow me on Instagram I'm sure you got a good taste of our vacation.  I am an overgramming fool. 
^^^ P could not wait to dig her hands and toes into the sand.  This was the first vacation I could sense the anticipation in her little heart. ^^^
 Lucy on the other hand was hilarious to watch.  She hated the sand!  She had a totally different reaction than P did to the sand.  When P was a baby she would eat the sand, roll her face in it and would pretty much cover herself head to toe.  Lucy girl would lift her feet as high into the air as humanly possible.  She shrieked anytime I put her close to the sand.  It worked in our favor, she stayed put exactly where I left her.  By the end of the trip she started to warm up to the idea of the grainy sand. 
 ^^^ Tyson is a champ when it comes to catching sand crabs.  P was a little unsure of those wiggly creatures. ^^^
After witnessing Lucy's reaction to the sand we had to expereince her first time dipping her toesies into the sand with her.  
^^^ Again, not so much a fan. ^^^
It was National Dance day the day we arrived to Newport, I thought it only obligatory to take a few attempted dance photos. 
 ^^^ My body sure doesn't work like it used to, but it was still fun to stretch those limbs. ^^^
^^^ Tyson decided to give it a go.  He's got some mean skills. ^^^
 ^^^ Our attempted Dirty Dancing move.  We were one hot mess on the beach. ^^^
 ^^^ We took the same picture of P a few years back and had to replicate the cuteness. ^^^
^^^ Lucy girls refusing to put her leg down, in fear it would touch the sand. ^^^
 ^^^ We took countless walks and bike rides.  Who would have thought our little chariot would come in such handy. ^^^
^^^ P and her jammies.  She insisted on wearing them to dinner and she looked too cute for me to refuse. ^^^
^^^ Daddy picked her out some new chucks. ^^^
We had dinner at the yummiest hamburger joint, just down from where we were staying.
Stay tuned for a Instagram post with all of our favorite eats and local spots from our trip.

Happy Tuesday all!  I'm headed off to Indiana and Chicago tomorrow night.  Tyson has the kiddos on his own for five days.  Wish him luck!  I have no doubt he will do an amazing job.
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