Saturday, August 29

My Little Ladies

My friend Kilean was so sweet to come over to our house the other day and snap some pictures of my girls with some of their favorite toys.  What you don't see is everything that went on behind the scenes.  I sometimes wish there was a separate photographer to photograph what's really goes into getting a good photo.  It was quite comical with her baby, my kiddos and GiGi running all over the backdrop.  We were one sweaty mess chasing them all around.  All in all it was totally worth it and was actually a lot of fun.  I can't wait to see where her business goes with these studio shots.  I feel so blessed to have friends who share their talents with me and bless my walls with beautiful pictures.  I am having the hardest time narrowing down what pictures to print out!  I didn't even attempt cutting them down for this post.  

We are in Utah for a week visiting my family.  My little brother is coming home from his two year mission for our church on Tuesday and cannot wait to see him!  Hope you are all having an amazing weekend!
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  1. Cute pics!!! Your girls are so pretty

  2. Oh my goodness these pictures are to die for! They are looking more and more alike each day. Did she use a backdrop for these photos? I need to invest in one. You should ask her where she purchased it for me if you don't mind (;

    Dearest Lou

    1. Thanks so much girl! My friend did use a backdrop. She actually had it given to her from a friend who was getting rid of it. I love love the backdrop, but am not even sure where to get one. I wish I was of more help :).