Wednesday, August 12

Lucy Eleven Month Love Letter

** With being out of town off and on for the past couple of weeks, I didn't get around to taking Lucy girls pictures until mid way through her eleventh month.  Ah well, better late than never. **

Dear Lucy,

It about broke my heart today taking your second to last photo shoot.  I honestly love being able to look back and see the growth and progression you have made over the past year.  You have and continue to be the sweetest, most adorable baby girl.  Taking your pictures is almost near to impossible, for the time being.  It was a good thing grandma was here to catch you from face planting off of the chair.

I feel like you have made the biggest jump, as far as progression goes this month.  You have discovered how to get wherever you want in lighting speed time.  The stairs are your favorite place.  You like to go up a step and turn around and just sit there.  It's too cute, but scares me half to death.  Daddy tried to install a baby gate, but it didn't cover the first two steps, which happen to be the most dangerous.  You used to like to climb to the top and be chased, but now you prefer plopping yourself on the step and just waiting for me to come get you.

This past month we introduced you to your walker.  It's hilarious having you follow me around the house.  You go so fast and I just love watching your chubby feet, patter all over the tile.  It's pretty much my life savor right now, when I need to get something done and can't keep my eye on you.  I just put you in there, give you a snack and you are good as gold for a couple of minutes.

With your new found mobility you have started making your way into Gigi's food and water.  I don't know what it is about dog food, but both you and your sister love it.  It smells awful, but I try to fret about it too much, even though I thinks it's totally yucky.  

Yesterday was mama's birthday and you decided to take your first step.  I don't think anything could have made me smile more than that.  I think you will be walking in no time.  Your sister walked at 16 months, so I'm not sure what we are going to do with such a tiny walker.

You have finally started to like solids.  I can pretty much give you whatever we are eating and you will eat it, as long as I break it into tiny enough pieces.  Just the other day, daddy purchased your last container of formula.  It's crazy to think in just a couple of weeks, you will be on cows milk.  Where is my baby going?!?!

You can say "uh-oh" and "dada."  Whenever you drop something you let an "uh-oh" out, in the cutest little voice.  It seriously melts my heart.  Still no mama, but I am totally okay with that, seeing as your sissy didn't say "daddy" until she was almost two.  You also wave bye bye and reach for your mama and daddy, whenever you want to be held.

Your itty bitty feet have finally jumped a size and your clothes are starting to get a little bit more snug.  You are currently wearing size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothes.  You are so petite, yet weigh so much.  Carrying you around lately has been a work out.  I swear you get bigger by the day.  I love every pound of that chubby body of yours.  Your sissy loves saying, "lulu chubby."  I think she has heard me say that one to many times.  

You absolutely love your sister.  She can make you laugh harder than anyone else.  For the first time in I can't even remember, in how long P wanted to hold you, while you drank your bottle.  It was the sweetest thing seeing you lay on her lap.  It didn't last long, but it was oh so cute.

You continue to be a great napper.  I can get two good naps out of you per day.  I hope you can keep that up for another couple of months.  Even when you miss your naps, you are still a pure delight.  I don't know how we got so lucky.

Your uncle Josh gets home from his mission in just a few short weeks.  I can't wait for him to meet you.  I know you are going to steal his heart, just as you have stolen all of ours. 

I almost forgot to mention, you newest obsession.  You have a total fascination with flip flops or any shoe for that matter.  You love to find your way into the mud room and dig out mommy's flip flops.  You take them everywhere with you.  Your favorite thing is to chew on them.  I need to get you a clean pair that has never been worn, but I'm afraid you would be able to tell the difference. 

Lucy girl, you are all over the place and move a hundred miles per minute, but wouldn't change a single thing about you.  You bring so much joy and light into our little family.  With only a few more weeks until you turn one, mama is going to make sure to savor every minute with you.  We love you sooooo much!

Mama & Papa
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