Tuesday, August 11

SALTCITIES Bow Giveaway!!!! *CLOSED*

Today is the BIG 3-0!  I can't believe I am no longer twenty and to be honest, I am kind of a fan of the thirties already.  There is something that rings so true to the saying, "one year older and wiser too."  I truly feel I have gotten a bit wiser every year and have been able to better myself in so many ways.  I have a long way to go, but am lucky for another year to stretch myself to new heights.  With that being said I have way more fun giving gifts than receiving them.

I have teamed up with SALTCITIES to bring you an amazing GIVEAWAY on my Instagram!!!! I'm not gonna lie, I want to win this giveaway myself.  I am totally head over heels for their bows.  They come in the greatest assortment of colors and sizes.  I can match any of my girls outfits, to any of their bows.  The shape is just too cute and I can't get over seeing them in my little's hair.  I love that they come in a headband form for Lucy girl and an alligator clip for P.  You guys I'm obsessed!

Make sure to head over to my Instagram to see how to enter to win.

While we were in Newport we were staying in a house with Tyson's entire family and seeing as our girls are early risers, we made sure to take them out of the house first thing.  We found ourselves most mornings out on a walk or bike ride.  The girls were enthralled with one of the parks just down the boardwalk.  
^^^ I can't get over seeing my girls side by side. ^^^
^^^^ P loves the swing and always has.  Now more than ever, she loves going high into the air.  It scares me half to death because no matter how high I push her, she doesn't think it's quite high enough. ^^^  
^^^ Who can forget spider on the swings.  Hearing P laugh and giggle is one of my favorite sounds. ^^^
^^^ We decided to see how high we could go and how far we could land, while jumping out of the swing.  You don't want to see my pictures.  I almost face planted and was one hot mess. ^^^
^^^ This girl and her slides. ^^^

^^^ Lucy's first time on a slide. ^^^
A huge thank you to SALTCITIES for teaming up with me for this giveaway!  Make sure to check them out.  Their bows are just too cute to pass up!
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  1. I love all of your pictures! The bow colors are perfect on your girls' skin! ❤️

  2. You have the cutest family! These bows would look adorable on my sweet nieces!

  3. I'm obsessed with their bows! (And sick of making bows for my two little ladies!) your fam is so cute!

  4. Well this is just the cutest blog I ever did see! You have another reader, with me, for sure! Your family is just beautiful!

  5. Such cute bows. Just ordered some for my new baby girl.

  6. Love! I Need to try these!!! Etta will rock them

  7. These bows are so cute! Would love some for my little red head!

  8. i initially found salt cities through your instagram & took advantage of their $2 deal. i love the clips for my toddler & the headbands for my baby. you can never have too many bows! :)

  9. Love the blog and all of the adorable pictures of your girls. Would love to win these for Harper!

  10. love to win these for a friend's little girls first bday!! here's to winning!!!