Wednesday, August 5

Little Loves

I am always scouring the internet for unique and adorable children's clothing.  I actually might have an addiction.  There is something so fun about dressing up my baby girls.  Just recently I have become a little obsessed with matching them.  I haven't gone as far as to match all three of us, but I'm sure it's not too far off.  

When I came across Rags To Raches rompers, I about died.  They are so unbelievably cute.  The second P laid eyes on her new romper she got so excited.  She couldn't get her current clothes off quick enough.  Finding an outfit that P likes to wear is a struggle these days.  She would prefer wearing her pj's or tutu's to anything else.   I tricked her into thinking her new romper is pj's.  She is obsessed and so am I.  The material is buttery soft, stretchy as can be and washes great.  

And don't even get me started on Lucy in her new Rags To Raches romper.  I have a feeling my girls closets are soon to be chuck full of these. 
 ^^^ This girl can't get enough of water fountains.  She insists on touching the water and begs for money to throw into the well. ^^^
^^^ And can we pause for just a moment and admire Target's jean vest.  The second I spotted it, it went directly into my cart.  I had to get one for P as well.  Poor Tyson. ^^^
I seriously can't get enough of my kiddos.  They are the brightness to my day and helped me become what I always aimed to be, a mama!
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