Sunday, August 23

Mermaid Tails

For Lucy's first birthday I decided to go with a mermaid theme.  There has been too many cute mermaid things that I have come across lately. I couldn't jump on the idea quick enough, so that I would have a justifiable reason to stock up on some mermaid goods.  

One of my favorite items that I purchased for her birthday, was her Whimsy Tail.  I know she's a little big for it now, but knew it would be a hit for years to come.  In the mean time, P decided to slip into it the other day and give it a shot.  To say she was in love is a complete understatement.  I couldn't get her out of it.  I had to keep reminding her it was her sisters. 

After laying in her big girl bed for some time, she decided to give it a shot at sleeping in it once again.  We have tried this multiple times now.  It lasted yet again, for only one night.  I swear one of these days my big girl will actually be sleeping in her big girl bed.  Poor Lucy girl gets all confused when I mix up where she is sleeping for the night. 

Anyhow, this is the most random post but wanted to post these pics of my girls playing in P's room.  In the middle of our day we always try to read some books and always make sure to have some fun.
 ^^^ One of my favorite childhood books. ^^^
^^^ Another thing I must get her for Christmas.  That list is starting to pile up quickly. ^^^
 ^^^ Why can't my wrinkles be that cute?!?! ^^^
 ^^^ Oh hey baby sis. ^^^
^^^ And yes my daughter lives in her jammies. ^^^
 I have been working on editing Lucy's first birthday party and can't wait to share all of her cuteness.  Hope you all had an amazing weekend!
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