Wednesday, July 22

I Love My Teddy Bear

I have countless scrapbooks chuck full of dance pictures, from my former dance days.  I love being able to flip through the pages and the sweet memories that come with each costume.  My mom did an extraordinary job at documenting my childhood.  Words wouldn't be enough to fully thank her, for the countless hours she put into each and every page.  Each page was well thought out and executed perfectly.  Thanks mom!  

When it came time for P's first dance recital, I knew no matter the cost I had to get her dance pictures.  And let me tell you what, they were a grip!  These people know what they are doing.  I'm sure every dance picture from here on out, will have special memories, but I'm pretty positive these might top them all.  Penelope's first dance recital performance was to "I Love My Teddy Bear."  It was the cutest dance and ever more so because of the performers.  I love the little relationships she developed with her classmates and the way she progressed over the past year.  I'm kind of sad it's all over, but cannot wait for next year.
It's crazy to think, I had to stuff her feet into her tiny tap shoes on the day of the recital.  She is growing up so fast and looks huge in comparison to her first day of dance class.  I hope to be able to hold onto those shoes forever.  And I most definitely will be holding onto all her costumes.  I regret selling all of mine at a garage sale in High School.  What was I thinking?!?!  I kick myself in the pants more often than you would think.  Oh the silly things we did when we were younger.

I can't wait to print all of these pictures out!  I seriously need to be better about doing so.  I have a hard drive full of pictures and no proof of them anywhere in my house.  Heaven forbid anything happened to that hard drive.   Mom can I pay you to scrap book for my kids?!?!

Happy Hump Day!!
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