Friday, July 10

First And Last....

When I am passionate about something, I can't help but want try to bring everyone else on board with me.  Tyson fell victim to this a couple of weeks ago.  When we first got married Tyson purchased a road bike, but seeing as I had just sold mine, it sat stale in the garage for far too long.  Needing a little extra money he sold it without ever clipping in.  Since getting back on the bike it has been my dream to have my hubby along side me.  

The bike shop I frequent was kind enough to let Tyson demo a brand new bike, to see if he would get the itch.  He wasn't too thrilled about the idea, but knew it would earn him a couple brownie points with me.  My mom was in town and I saw it the perfect opportunity to head out on an early Saturday morning ride.
Now clipping in for the first time on a bike, is a bit intimidating/terrifying.  The only way to overcome your fears, it to just get on the bike.  You pretty much have to assume that you will fall at least once.  I can still remember my first ride, pulling up to a double lane roundabout and not clipping out quick enough.  I tipped right over and had to have help getting my feet unattached from the bike.  The flow of traffic was still going and I panicked for a quick second.  After getting my feet unclipped, I quickly jumped back on my bike and never looked back.  Not to say I haven't had a couple of other close calls, but the good to me always out ways the bad.  Now with that being said, it was time for Tyson to take his first ride.

We woke up super early Saturday morning and met up with some of our friends.  There were seven of us total.  On the way over to their house Tyson was practicing clipping in and out and took his first spill.  He luckily wasn't going fast and landed ever so gracefully.  From that point on he did amazing clipping in and out.

We started out on our ride and after only a couple of miles in, my friends bike started making funny noises.  She decided to turn around and her husband headed back home with her.  If only we could have known what was about to transpire....

The weather was great and we were starting to get in a good grove.  Tyson hung back for awhile, just to get comfortable with shifting and pointing out hand signals.  I loved having him out on the road with me.  We started taking turns pulling (leading the pack) and it was soon Tyson's turn to take the lead.  I knew physically he would have no problem pulling.  He was a bit hesitant being in the front, but I assured him the front was the safest spot.  You are the first to see what lies ahead.  Little did I know he was about to take a mean spill.  

I was in the very back, but was still in a close enough distance, that I could keep my eye on him.  We started climbing a small hill and before I even realized what happened, I witnessed Tyson cartwheeling in front of me and landing down in a ditch.  My heart seriously dropped.  I had no idea what caused his crash.  I pulled up to him and saw him laying on his back with the bike in the air.  He had a smile on his face, so I knew he was okay.  A HUGE wave of relief rushed over my body.  He got up and I helped him brush off the dirt.  He had a couple of scratches, that I could visibly see from the boulders he just landed on.  He assured all of us that he way okay and was ready to keep going.  We couldn't believe what had just happened.  

Tyson being Tyson couldn't hear anyone behind him and wanted to make sure we were all okay, so he turned around and while doing so took the bike with him.  There was a lip on the side of the ride that sent him sailing into the air.  It was crazy to say the least.  I was so grateful it wasn't any worse.  I know how bad some bike spills can be.

He took it like a champ and was ready to finish his ride.  When we got to our first stop we were all feeling great and wanted to head up the road some more.  Everyone was on board to try and get 50 miles in.  

As soon as we started climbing, it dawned on me that I was asking my husband to go 50 miles on his first ride.  What was I thinking?  Again, physically I totally knew he could do it.  He was actually up for the challenge.  I turned around to make sure he was really okay with the situation and he assured me he was.  I couldn't believe it.  I was still a bit shaken up from witnessing his fall.  Soon after chatting with him he told me his bike was making some funny noises.  I asked him if it was shifting okay and almost immediately I heard a snap and Tyson went down again.  I looked back and saw him laying on the ground.

He stood up and thought his chain had just fallen off.  Upon taking a closer look, we realized his derailleur had completely snapped off the bike and was stuck in the spokes.  There was no getting back on the bike this time.  We knew someone was going to have to come pick him up.  We couldn't get cell service for a minute, but luckily found a hot spot.  Tyson's dad was the hero for the day and was willing to come pick him up.

I wanted to stay and wait with Tyson, but he wanted me to finish the ride and head down with the other girls.  After going back and forth, I decided to head back with my friends.  After only getting back on the road for a few short miles one of the girls got a flat.  None of our extra tubes would match her tires, so luckily Tyson's dad was able to pick her and her bike up on the way down, from picking Tyson up.  It felt like we were dropping like flies.  There was only three of us left, after the original seven. 
Shortly after our dwindling numbers my other friend got a flat.  We couldn't believe what was happening.  It was just not our day.  Luckily, I had just gotten a flat the prior weekend and still had it fresh in my memory, how to change it.  It was my first attempt at changing a tire on my own, but am happy to report I did it!!!! Pretty much the only positive thing that came out of our ride. 
I'm sure we all said a little prayer inside, that we could finish our ride in one piece.  It was a draining ride home, but we did it.  I couldn't wait to check up on Ty to make sure he was truly okay, after his not so fun experience.  He was smiling when I got home and was again relieved.  Now the concern was returning the bike....  Tyson did not want to take the broken bike back and I did not blame him.  

Tyson debated on just purchasing the bike because of the damages.  If he was going to have to pay to fix it, he figured why not just buy it.  For the first time I realized I did not want Tyson on a bike.  I never thought that day would come, but his safety just means so much to me.  I wouldn't be able to live with myself if anything happened to him.  I got a little emotional thinking of all the things that could of happened to him.  I wanted him to be the one that ultimately made the decision, but was praying he wouldn't buy the bike.

Rubber Sole was amazing and more than anything just wanted to make sure he had a good experience, minus the falls.  They told him the damages were on them and to not even worry about it.  If he ever wanted to try out another bike, he was more than welcome to.  I couldn't believe how understanding they were.  I am a customer for life! And was happy to hear that Tyson did not buy the bad luck bike.
Overall the experience was not as I hoped, but knew how blessed we were.  Things could have been so much worse.  I will never forget the few miles that were awesome together and seeing my hunk of burning love in his bike shorts.  My love deepened for him even more after that day.  The fact that he was willing to try something exclusively for me and that was way out of his comfort zone.  I still joke with him, that he didn't need to land in a ditch, to get out of me wanting him to ride.  Needless to say, I love my husband and I don't foresee him getting on a road bike anytime soon.
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