Tuesday, July 14


California is in a MAJOR drought, so much so they have put water restrictions on all of us.  Everyones lawns are covered in light brown circles and all of the medians are completely dead.  Our poor backyard is hopeless.  It's sad, but happy they are finally placing restrictions in order to help.  I really have been trying to do my part and in doing so, I have been bathing the girls in the sink.  It really is a win win.  Both girls prefer the sink to the bath.   I can even put them both in at the same time, one on each side.  Having a faucet that pulls out makes my job even easier.  

I had my camera out the other day and couldn't help but capture miss Lucy playing in the sink.  She's hilarious to watch and even tries eating the faucet.  It's also the perfect place to put her while I clean the kitchen.  As long as my girls fit, I'm thinking the sink is the only way to go.
 ^^^ Those teeth. ^^^
 ^^^ Her profile melts me. ^^^
 ^^^ Oh how I love her rolls. ^^^
We will continue to pray for rain and do our part to help.
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  1. This is adorable. And I think it's so smart that you're capturing every day moments, not just big milestone events.

    Adventures in Everyday Life