Friday, June 12

Lucy Nine Months

 Dear Lucy,

Another month has come and gone.  It feels like I just finished posting your eight month love letter.  I absolutely love the stage that you are in.  At times I wish I could just push the pause button and keep you this way forever.  You are the sweetest thing ever and I swear my love continues to grow for you, more and more every day.  Your little smiles gets me all day, every time.  I sound like a broken record, but it's so true.  You smile at everyone with those big teeth of yours and brighten everyones day that you come in contact with.  Each day you become more and more attached to your mama.  You play well for a little while, but as soon as you spot me, you outstretch your tiny hands towards me.  I can't resist that look you give me.  You win every time.
You are obsessed with your sissy's Bitty Baby.  I bought it for her when we brought you home from the hospital, but you have seemed to make it all your own.  You are transitioning into the stage of not wanting to share or should I say your sister is.  You and your sissy seem to always want the same toy.  I am sure this is only the beginning.  P always tries to give you another toy to distract you.  I think you might start to outsmart her soon.
Changing your diaper has turned into my daily workout.  You are all over the place.   You are so strong and refuse to lay on your back.  While taking these pics, you decided to take a head dive for the floor.  Luckily I had cat like reflexes and caught you just in the knick of time.  I decided to move our photo shoot to the floor, where things were a little more safe.  You'll notice you ended up underneath the piano, your favorite spot in the living room.
You are the messiest eater ever.  I laugh every time that I feed you.  You end up being covered from head to toe in your baby food.  It doesn't matter if I use a bib or not, because the food seems to find a way onto your clothes.  You are sweets kind of girl.  You love your rice cereal in the morning.  I have tried giving you yogurt bites again, but you still gag every time.
I'm so so sad, but I think your days of nursing are coming to an end.  Mommy has been working out more and my milk supply just can't keep up.  It breaks my heart a little, but am proud I got you to nine months.  In the beginning I didn't think I would last a week.  It's been different this time around not being able to fully cherish each moment with you.  Trying to find the balance between my two babies has been hard, but you have been amazing and just go with the flow.  I am still able to nurse you once in the early morning.  I love taking the time to just hold you with no distractions.  It's just you and me.  I get to stare into your perfect eyes and run my fingers through your wispy hair.  You reach up at me and try to grab my eyelashes or hang on tight to my P necklace.  Oh how I am going to miss those sweet moments, but until then I am going to savor every last minute.
You are days away from crawling.  Just as I think you are about to take your first stride, you tip over.  You are the queen of planking and have abs of steel by now.  Army crawling and rolling are your favorite modes of transportation.  You now take baths all on your own, unless your sissy find her way in.  I have so much fun watching you two splash around.
This month you have mastered the wave bye bye and give the BEST open mouth kisses.  My favorite thing you do is grab my cheeks and pull my face towards yours.  It's seriously the sweetest thing!  I love getting you out of bed and holding your soft buttery skin up to my face.  You are sleeping eleven hours at night and still nap two to three times a day, depending on what we have going on.  You are such a champ! 
We recently went to Utah for your first visit.  You got to meet all of my friends and your uncle Tate.  You sadly contracted roseola from our plane ride.  Our trip turned into visits to Dr. Dave, high fever, cleaning up throw up and no sleep.  I felt so bad for you.  Our plane ride home was a total disaster.  You were so exhausted you slept for an entire day.
Daddy took you to your first My GYM class this week.  I can't wait to watch you continue to learn and develop.  He said you had a blast.  You are such an amazing baby and I thank Heavenly Father every night that I get to be your mama.  These next few months I will be party prepping for your 1st Birthday!  I love you so much baby girl!

Your mama and Papa
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  1. Oh I love Lucy's updates!! So beautiful! Her and Lily are so much alike!!! Bring her to Memphis for a play date!!!!
    How has she been doing with teething??? Taking it like a boss??

  2. Thank you Jamie! You are so sweet! We would love to come to Memphis :) she didn't break any new teeth this month, which was a nice break for all of us. She gets pretty fussy when it comes to teething!