Wednesday, June 17

Growing Up

Right before the heat wave hit California, P and I built some fond memories at the park.  She has graduated from the baby swing and has fallen in love with the big girl swing.  It seems like just yesterday, she barely fit into the blue swing and I was nervous she was going to fall out.  The days are passing like lighting.  

Tyson and I often scroll through old pictures and videos and can't believe where the time has gone.  I have really started to relish every possible moment with my girls.  I have put my phone down more often and have hardly picked up my camera.  I just don't want to forget these precious moments that seem to be fleeting away ever so quickly.
P is at such a fun age.  She is my little buddy.  I love that she wants and needs me all day long.  It used to tire me out and I just decided to embrace it.  I cherish the fact that I am needed and I am that special person to her.  We cuddle on the couch, read books, cook in the kitchen, swim, dance, twirl and her favorite thing, sing songs.  I know what makes her tic and we seem to just get one another.  Her personality is bursting at the seams and makes me giggle constantly.  Hearing her try to say new words and discover her surroundings has been so much fun.  
She really is so easy to please.  We may spoil her, but it is seriously so hard not to.  She lights up when it comes to princesses, mermaids or Despicable Me.  She loves watching The Lorax on repeat.  Chocolate milk is still her drink of choice and Mac n' Cheese is her favorite food.  Each time we go to Target it's a must that she picks out a fruit bottle, with a different character on the top.
P loves primary and has every song memorized..... actions that is.  She has a crush on her uncle Buzz, Tate and her primary teacher Breton.  It's soo cute to watch her get all shy.  If she wants something she can't reach, she will grab your hand and take you to wherever she needs the help.  She loves playing with her toy kitchen and making us dinner.  Her crib is filled with a million stuffed animals and blankets.  I try to sneak some out, so there is room for her, but she notices when an animal is missing.  Lately we have been letting her stay up way past her bed time.  We love spending that one on one time with her.  She continues to be obsessed with brushing her teeth and I am not complaining one bit.
I take her with me to the gym every day and lately it's like pulling teeth to get her out of there.  She see's me and immediately runs for the slide.  She continues to love going to dance class and has recently started swim lessons.  Watching her learn new things is my all time favorite thing.  Just recently she has become potty trained.  She amazes me every day with all of her many talents and traits.
She rocks my world in the best way possible and can't believe I get to be the lucky person she calls mama!
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