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Picnic At The Park: JJ Cole Product Review

I was more than stoked when JJ Cole reached out to me to review their Spring product collection.  I am a total baby product junkie and couldn't wait to get my hands on some new gear, that not only looks cute but makes outings with my kiddos, more fun and enjoyable #jjcolestyle. 

The weather has been spot on, these past few days.  It's made the transition coming back home from Florida not so bad.  Tyson and I decided it was time to take advantage of the sunshine and park that is within walking distance from our house.  You would think we would be their daily, but sadly don't make it their often enough.  We decided to change that after our fun evening together.

I loaded up my Blue Iris backpack with all the fixings for a picnic and just enjoyed an evening out with my little family.  I love all of the space that this diaper bag offers.  I have had a couple of different diaper bags in the past and this one far surpasses the others with the amount of items, that can be fit on the inside.  It also has deep pockets on the outside that fit more than just one bottle.  This is always a plus, especially now that I have more than one baby.  I really enjoyed the way I could carry the bag on my shoulder as a messenger back or as a backpack, which allows me to have both hands available.  It even comes with straps that can click onto my stroller.  It's a win win for me.  The material is great for wiping off any smudges or sticky spots, which I can appreciate from all the spills we have happening around here. And as an added bonus, it has a changing pad, which always seems to come in handy.  The only downside I found was the button on the front didn't seem to hold very well for me.  It keptpopping open, when I wore it as a backpack.  Overall, I think this is a great bag and look forward to using it in the future. 
I end up carrying Lucy around in a baby carrier anytime I go out of the house.  She loves being close to her mama and I love having her tucked up close to me.  I have tried a couple of different soft carriers and really enjoyed the Agility Carrier.  It folds up nicely, which is always convenient.  I like the fact that I can wear Lucy a variety of different ways.  She prefers facing outward and this one allows just that.  I really liked that all I had to do was slip the carrier over my head.  There was no dropping the fabric everywhere and worrying about getting it all dirty.  It fits me well and Lucy seemed happy as a clam all tucked in.  The thing that I enjoyed most was the fact that Lucy felt so secure on me.  In the past when I have used fabric carriers, I have had to end up using my hands for extra support. And you know this girl loves anything that comes in the color black.
Lucy girl got her first taste of the swings.  She smiled and giggled the entire time.  I loved watched her chubby feet and legs dangle from the swing.  I think P liked have a buddy by her side as well. 
I don't know about you, but I have so many fond memories on the swings from my childhood.  I can't get enough of watching my girls enjoy the same things, that I once did. 
After getting some time in on the swings it was time to whip out our picnic.  P had so much fun laying out our new Outdoor Blanket.  This is my favorite item.  It is the perfect size.  It fit the four of us on it perfectly and with room to spare.  I really liked not having to be worried about my kiddos and my skin.  I always get rashes from the grass, as do my girls.  We were able to just sit back and enjoy our salami and cheese crackers, strawberries and Nutella and the juiciest green grapes.  It unfolded and folded up so easily and even has a convenient strap for carrying.  I loved that I didn't have to worry about taking it home and throwing it in the wash.  It wiped clean and is super durable.  I can't wait to use it again at the beach this summer and many more picnics in the future.  
When it was finally time to leave the park, P was begging for more.  I can always gage the enjoyment P has at any given activity, by her begging for more afterwards.  Thank you JJ Cole for making our evening out so enjoyable!
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