Monday, May 11

Disney World

One of the most magical days of our vacation, was the hours spent at Disney World.  I honestly didn't know how long the girls would last, seeing as their schedules were completely non existent.  We planned on staying as long as the girls allowed.  Much to our surprise, we stayed until after the light parade and firework show.  The girls did amazing and were total champs the entire day.  This day will forever go down as one of the most memorable days with my little family.
 We rode the ferry across the little lake and got our first glimpse at the beautiful castle.  Penelope to this day thinks it is a temple.
 The entrance looked the same as Disney Land, but a little larger.  I couldn't get over all of the gorgeous flowers.
Our first stop was to get some Mickey attire.  P ran straight for the stuffed animals.  She had me laughing hysterically, as I watched her pull every stuffed animal off of the shelves.  She wanted every shirt and outfit imaginable.  It broke her heart when I told her she couldn't get the Minnie Croc's.  
^^^ I begged her to keep the Minnie ears on, but she was not having it. ^^^
 ^^^ Lucy girl did amazing.  Between being passed around all the adults and switching between the stroller and Ergo, she was happy as a clam. ^^^
 ^^^ I felt like a little girl all over again. ^^^
The Disney app, with all the of the fast passes worked out dreamy.  We were able to get on any ride we wanted and with hardly any wait time.  We were able to go on Dumbo, It's A Small World, Ariel's Grotto, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thunder Mountain and my favorite thing, meeting the Disney princesses.  Hearing P's expressions as she went on each ride will forever be imbedded in my memory.  She seriously beamed the entire day.  
P's first princess encounter was with Belle.  It was the sweetest moment ever.  P was completely mesmerized by her dress and elegance.  When it was her turn to meet her she ran right up to her and went for a kiss on the lips.  Sweet Belle didn't know what to do.  P grinned from ear to ear for the photographer.  All of us adults were in tears.  It was truly heart melting.  Belle gave P a book mark and to this day whenever she see's it, she holds it close to her and gives it the biggest squeeze.  After seeing Belle, we couldn't wait to see her reaction as she met Cinderella and Rapunzel.  My favorite thing was seeing how the princesses reacted to her wanting a kiss on the lips.  They both kept turning their cheeks and P was not having it, she wanted the real deal.  It was hilarious.  I couldn't stop laughing as they tried to stay in character.  I think the love was mutual.
We were able to catch one of the awesome parades during the day.  It was fun seeing all of the characters on their extravagant floats. 
It was so so nice to have the extra hands.  The day just wouldn't have been the same without Tyson's parents and siblings.
 ^^^ My very own prince charming. ^^^
^^^ I got real comfortable nursing anywhere I could find a place to sit. ^^^
 P had so much fun running around all day with her cousins.  
 ^^^ The bubble maker was the favorite souvenir from Disney World. ^^^
We ended the night with the yummiest peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, pecan logs and what felt like, a handful of stuffed animals. 
Disney World just might be the happiest place on earth!
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  1. I can literally feel the magic through the screen!