Thursday, December 12

Christmas Around The Parker's

Our halls have finally been decked.  There is just something so wonderful about having your home decorated for the holidays.  I laugh because each year the bins keep growing and growing.  I have a slight obsession with Christmas decorations.  It's the only holiday decoration I feel justified in purchasing over and over again.  We got our tree completed, minus a few strands of lights missing at the top.  We underestimated the beastliness of our tree and neither Tyson or I care enough to go buy more.  

For the first time in all of history I have almost all of our Christmas gifts wrapped and under the tree, all before Christmas Eve.  We needed to have the guest room cleared out, which forced me to wrap ahead of schedule. 

Penelope has been fascinated with all of our Christmas decor.  Don't look too close at my bows, I wasn't blessed with the talent of tying bows.

^^^ My grandparent's gave the boys in our family a new nutcracker every year for Christmas.  One year they switched the tradition and decided to give the girls their own.  I love mine. ^^^ 


^^^ Her feet crack me up. ^^^

^^^ My makeshift chalkboard and glitter dipped mason jars from P's birthday party. ^^^ 

^^^ Some of my favorite ornaments from over the years. ^^^

^^^ One of the many salt dough ornaments my great aunt made me. ^^^

^^^ Penelope has had a slight obsession with the Grinch this year. ^^^ 

I can't believe Christmas is almost here!!!! I can't wait for December 23rd.  My sister girl is flying in to spend Christmas with us.  I couldn't be more thrilled.
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  1. That's it, we're flocking our tree next year! Yours is beautiful!

    1. We got one last year and can't go back. They make trees that much more dreamy! You will love it.

  2. I would kill to have room for a tree that big! That makes mine look like a Charlie Brown tree!